15 Ways a Drug Detox Center Can Save your Life

Published: 03/15/2016 | Author:

alcoAccording to the National Library of Medicine, the best way to treat addiction involves trained professionals. There are many reasons why a professional drug detox center can save your life.

1. Withdrawal from Certain Drugs can Kill you without Medical Monitoring

Withdrawal symptoms can be very dangerous, or even fatal. Going to a detox center provides you with the medical care necessary to prevent this from happening.

2. Withdrawal is a Dangerous Time for Most Addicts

Withdrawal symptoms can be very severe, and often lead people suffering from it to suicide, psychosis, or relapse.

3. What Each Person Needs is Different During Detox and a Center Can Provide those Needs

During the detox process basic needs, such as hydration, are often overlooked while in the throes of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

4. Without a Detox Center the Chance of Relapse is Really High

Most people cannot successfully complete detox without help. The withdrawal symptoms are simply too severe to weather without falling into relapse.

5. Many People Go to a Drug Detox Center Because they Have a Physical Illness

Drug Detox Center

Without detox treatment, addicts are at high risk of relapse and overdose.

Many drug addictions occur during treatment for a physical illness, such as chronic pain. Once this addiction begins it cannot be stopped without detoxing from the addictive substance.

6. Drug Addiction and Mental Illness Go Hand in Hand

Many of the mentally ill self-medicate, often leading to addiction that must be treated with detox. Not only this, but many addicted individuals display classic signs of mental illnesses.

7. You will Eventually Overdose without a Detox Center

Addiction and dependence will always eventually lead to overdose and death. Detox centers stop this progression.

8. A Drug Detox Center Helps your Liver Recover from Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug and alcohol addiction and abuse is very harmful to liver function. Detox stops the drugs and alcohol from damaging the liver.

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9. A Drug Detox Center Helps your Kidneys and Pancreas Recover from Alcohol Abuse

Prolonged alcohol abuse can cause kidney disease and failure, and severely damages the pancreas. Both can result in death, but both can also be helped by detoxing from alcohol.

10. You will Receive Medication to Help you With the Withdrawal

It is well known that withdrawal symptoms are dangerous and unpleasant. Detox centers can administer medications that reduce or eliminate these symptoms.

11. You can Receive Counseling at a Detox Center

Experts agree that counseling is an integral part of the addiction recovery process. Detox centers offer counseling services.

12. It is a Good Place to Go if you Have Nowhere to Safely Detox

Detox can be a dangerous process, which can be made even more dangerous if it is attempted someplace that is not designed for that purpose.

13. A Detox Center can Help you Escape Physical Abuse

Many addicts are also victims of abuse. Detox centers not only provide a safe place to detox, but also provide the means to get away from an abuser.

14. Most Detox Centers Have other Programs to Help you

Many detox centers offer not only medical services, but counseling and training to help you overcome your addiction.

15. You can Find a Detox Center Before the Drugs Kill you

There are many detox centers available all over the country. If you need help finding the right detox center for you, call us at 866-351-3840(Who Answers?) , today. Now is the right time to seek help.

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