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As we all follow this continued balancing act of ups and downs both emotionally and physically, many find themselves suffering from more than just a simple imbalance of their vitamins or nutrients.  Thousands of people in the world suffer from addiction to drugs or alcohol and find themselves in the need of help.  Unfortunately, this help cannot just happen overnight as addiction is a dangerous and deadly disease that requires long term care and various steps toward wellness.  Detox is the very first step of the treatment and recovery process and for many, it is described as being the most difficult process.  Fortunately, there are detox centers and clinics around the world who are staffed with professional counselors, doctors and therapists who are able to provide effective methods of treatment and care for all aspects of drug and alcohol detox including the many difficult to deal with withdrawal symptoms that tend to occur during this difficult time.

Why Detox?

Drug Detox

Detox is an essential step in the treatment process.

Many addicts ask, “WHY?”  Why is detox so necessary, why is detox so uncomfortable, why do I have to do it…the questions can just go on and on.  Detox doesn’t have to be a difficult or even potentially painful part of the recovery road.  Although it will take work and it will take time, there are many different detox centers that provide various programs such as rapid detox, medication intervention, medication replacement therapy and various holistic methods of assisting patients in remaining as relaxed and comfortable as possible during detox.  So, why detox?

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Treatment Options

Drug or alcohol detox is a necessary step in the recovery process because it is during this phase of treatment that the individual will stop using drugs or alcohol and allow the body to begin to experience life without these substances.  For those who have been addicted for quite some time, the withdrawal symptoms that result from drug or alcohol detox can be rather difficult to cope with and they could become severe enough to warrant the need for medical treatment.  In fact, detoxing from alcohol without the proper supervision, in severe cases, can even lead to death.

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Detox is necessary to break the cycle of addiction.  Through detox, the patient will work through the withdrawal symptoms and rather than give up midway through and go back to drugs or alcohol, they will get the help that they need to keep pushing forward past these negative feelings.  In time, the dependence that the body has on the drugs will be gone and there will no longer be that dire urge to use or the terrible withdrawal symptoms.

As you or someone you love gently work your way through the phases of detoxification from start to finish, you’ll soon realize that this part of the addiction treatment process is actually a necessary step in recovery.  Not only will you feel better once detox is complete, you’ll be better prepared for the next phases of treatment which will assist you in coping with the emotional aspects of your addiction which may include a range of mental health conditions, traumas or negative habits that must be effectively worked through to ensure long term recovery.

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