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Detox.com is a network of addiction treatment facilities that provide drug and alcohol detox, support, and comprehensive substance abuse treatment services to the individuals and families struggling with addiction. In addition to offering medical detox in safe, controlled stabilization units, we also offer a wide range of patient care services for ongoing addiction treatment and recovery needs. This includes:

  • inpatient drug and alcohol detox
  • inpatient rehab
  • outpatient rehab
  • intensive outpatient treatment
  • aftercare services
  • sober living accommodations

The resources offered on the site aim to guide individuals and their loved ones through the step-by-step process of understanding addiction, seeking help, finding a detox center and making a full recovery from a wide range of addictive disorders. Founded on the premise that making treatment readily available to those in need is a crucial element of recovery, Detox.com aims to guide visitors to the treatment resources that can literally save lives.

Since our centers began providing specialized treatment to U.S. residents, we have helped thousands of men and women overcome addiction and take control of their lives. We realize that finding a detox center or a rehab center that can provide safe, quality care for you or someone you love can be both difficult and potentially overwhelming. We’re here to help make this process a little bit easier.

You can reach us anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are available to answer questions, provide additional information, and help you in any way that we can because we know that this decision is literally life—or death.

In addition to providing immediate access to our treatment centers, Detox.com operates a vast data-collection system that includes detailed information and quality reviews of thousands of detox centers located throughout the United States. If you need help and you can’t find what you need in one of our centers, we are happy to connect you with a local detox center that will provide the level of treatment and support that suits your individual needs.

Who We Treat

At Detox.com our centers provide a wide range of addiction treatment services for both men and women. We do offer a center for women only where a strong focus is placed on emotional trauma and the support many women require while in treatment. Throughout our Centers services are tailored to the unique needs of each incoming patient. Your health and recovery is our number one concern.

What We Treat

We treat many substance abuse, addiction and mental health disorders including:

  • heroin or opiate addiction
  • alcoholism
  • cocaine addiction
  • meth addiction
  • prescription drug addiction
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • trauma/PTSD

It is common for co-occurring disorders to be present when addiction is impacting your life. Co-occurring disorders such as anxiety or depression may be at the root of your substance abuse problem. We realize that in order for lasting recovery to occur you must feel good both inside and out. Our centers offer treatment for many of the underlying conditions that may have led to drug or alcohol abuse or which may have resulted from long-term substance abuse.

Detox.com Editorial Content

Our editorial team provides detailed information through captivating stories, in-depth case studies, local news reporting, and informative guides that touch on topics ranging from addiction medicine and mental health to public safety, overdose awareness, and drug policy. Our content has been featured on television and radio broadcasts as well as through various news and information sources. For a complete list please contact us.

Our Values

The purpose of Detox.com is to empower those impacted by addiction with the strength to make life-saving choices regarding addiction treatment and care. We believe that recovery is possible for everyone as long as the educational resources, tools, and support are made accessible to those in need.

Our goal is to provide the information, tools and support that YOU need to develop healthy coping skills that will guide you in the recovery process.

We care about our community.

We will only post items that show how much we care about those who are affected by addiction. You may notice that we rarely share images that may be potential triggers to our visitors. We realize that sometimes caring is NOT sharing and therefore, sometimes we show how much we care by NOT showing our visitors that images of drugs or alcohol that may otherwise trigger abuse.

We have compassion for the lives of others.

Treatment requires a holistic approach that focuses on healing the mind, body, and spirit. Our dual diagnosis treatment services offer motivational support and treatment for both substance abuse and mental health conditions. We are empathetic to others and share stories of success in recovery, hope, and encouragement. In situations that are otherwise not good, we aim to share in a compassionate manner that offers strength and hope for recovery.

We strive for accuracy

We are constantly updating our website to provide the most accurate data available. We aim to build community awareness and education as it pertains to substance abuse and addiction.  In our centers, daily interactions and commitments are based on the latest treatment advances and scientific studies supporting safe, successful, and long-term recovery. We are always seeking innovative, evidence-based practices to support our daily initiatives and goals of helping people heal.

We empower individuals and families to make life-saving decisions.

We believe that, when provided with the right tools and support, people can and WILL take good care of themselves. We want our visitors and patients to make informed decisions about their recovery. We aim to provide free, easily accessible, and accurate information that aids in this decision making process. Treatment in our centers, as well as referrals to out of network treatment, provides further empower visitors to take the next steps towards sobriety and healing.

We collaborate with others to support the community.

Everyone needs a support system — and when you’re struggling with addiction, you need an extra dose of support. Recovery comes as a result of collaboration between individuals, families, support networks, the community and healthcare providers–our goals is to keep YOU connected throughout each stage of the recovery process.

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