Our Mission is to provide a path to recovery for those struggling with substance abuse and addiction by connecting them with the best resources and treatment programs for recovery.

To achieve this mission, we provide individuals and their families with information, support and treatment referrals that empower them to make life-saving choices regarding addiction treatment and care. We believe that recovery is possible for everyone as long as the educational resources, tools and support are made accessible to those in need.

We achieve our mission by strictly adhering to the following core values:

  • Caring
  • Compassionate
  • Accuracy
  • Approachability
  • Community Focus
  • Empowerment
  • Collaboration

How these values apply to Detox.com:


We only post and share content that shows how much we care about those who are deeply impacted by addiction. When considering content for our site, we aim to avoid images that may trigger a negative response or cause our readers to have a negative reaction that could otherwise hinder their recovery efforts. Our goal is to always show that we care for our visitors and the community at large.


We genuinely respect the lives of others and aim to share stories of success, hope and encouragement. In situations that are otherwise not good, we will share in a compassionate way that aims to offer strength and hope for recovery.


We strive to provide the most accurate and useful data to further the community awareness and education as it pertains to substance abuse and addiction. If we find data to be inaccurate, or if others alert us to inaccurate data, we aim to resolve the problem immediately.

Community Focus

We work as a community of recovery with a focus on helping individuals, families, peers, parents, loved ones and friends to come together and achieve sobriety. Get Clean. Get Sober. Do it Together. is our motto. Through education, support and treatment, individual wellness and community, well-being CAN be achieved.


We believe that, when provided with the right tools and support, people can and WILL take good care of themselves. We want our visitors to make informed decisions on their recovery. We aim to provide free, easily accessible, and accurate information that aids in this decision making process. Treatment referrals further empower our visitors to take the next steps towards sobriety and healing.


Everyone needs a support system — and when you’re struggling with addiction, you need an extra dose of support. Recovery comes as a result of collaboration between individuals, families, support networks, the community and healthcare providers — our goal is to keep visitors connected throughout each stage of the recovery process.

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