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Drug Detox

Finding the latest information about drug detox begins with having a firm understanding of the many different types of detox that are available to individuals who are addicted to drugs. Drug detox options range from holistic methods and natural therapies to rapid opiate detoxification which includes inducing a medical coma in the patient and allowing them to detoxify from the drugs without feeling anything at all. In the sections below you will gain valuable insight into the world of drug detox and find information about drug detox that includes methods of drug detox, how to choose a drug detox program and what types of drug detox programs are available at treatment centers around the world.

drug detox methods that will help you stop abusing drugs and alcohol

Drug Addiction Detox

The most basic type of drug detox is drug addiction detox. This typically refers to the days or weeks that take place in treatment when a patient first enters rehab. Drug addiction detox allows the patient time to overcome the physical dependence on drugs and prepare themselves for the long recovery road that lies ahead and consists of weeks or months of counseling and therapy. Drug addiction detox usually takes place in a rehab center, hospital or similar medical setting for the safety of the recovering addict. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, treatment is effective at reducing drug use and the costs associated with it.

Drug & Alcohol Detox

For some individuals who become addicted to drugs, alcohol addiction is also a problem. Individuals who suffer from both drug and alcohol addiction will have to undergo drug and alcohol detox to ensure their safe and effective recovery from both of these addictions. Unfortunately, suffering from two addictions at once means that during detox, the withdrawal symptoms are likely to be much more severe and may even require around-the-clock medical care to ensure that the recovering addict remains healthy and safe. Although drug and alcohol detox is a difficult process, the end result is an individual who is free from the strongholds of physical drug or alcohol dependence. Clear minded, the individual is able to continue moving forward with their treatment and care.

Drug Detox Methods

Various methods exist to assist patients with their detoxification efforts. The most common drug detox methods include medication based detoxification, exercise programs, nutrition programs, and rapid detox. According to the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is a combination of medication and counseling that has been shown to help patients sustain recovery. For some, medication is not openly accepted during detox because there is an increased risk of a new addiction forming when medications are used as part of the detoxification process. Exercise and nutritional methods of drug detox can help to alleviate many of the symptoms of withdrawal while promoting a more rapid detoxification without the risk of actually rapid drug detox.

Drug Detox Symptoms

The symptoms that persist well into the first days or even weeks of drug detox differ greatly depending on the type of drug that the individual is trying to stop taking. For instance, opiates can lead to many symptoms such as nausea and vomiting while benzodiazepines are likely to lead the recovering addict to increased feelings of anxiety and more mood swings. Drug detox symptoms are mostly manageable with rest and time but in some cases they may become severe enough to require emergency medical intervention to ensure the safety of the recovering addict.

Drug Detox Programs

Various drug detox programs have been developed to cater to the very unique needs that surround addicts of various walks of life. Some of the most common drug detox programs that are used in rehab centers and treatment facilities today include holistic drug detox, natural drug detox and rapid detox. While rapid drug detox is a rather controversial method of treatment, natural and holistic options continue to be welcomed even into traditional drug detox programs as they are harrowed for their increased ability to provide safe and effective care with little risk.

Choosing a Drug Detox Program

Once you realize that you are addicted to drugs and need to take part in a drug detox program, the next step will be to choose the best drug detox program for you individual needs. Many different drug detox programs are available to support the changing needs and desires of those who are addicted to all sorts of drugs including heroin, opiates, prescription medications, marijuana, cocaine, crack, and other drugs. Choosing a drug detox program that is suitable and that will best accommodate your individual needs will ensure that you have the best chance of maintaining your abstinence from drugs while gaining the knowledge and power necessary to continue your addiction fight.

Holistic Drug Detox

A rapidly growing movement in the drug detox industry is the inclusion of holistic care in drug detox programs. Holistic treatment methods focus on a whole body approach to treating the patient in an effort to heal them physically, emotionally, spiritually and beyond. Many different holistic treatment methods exist in drug detox but the most common include acupuncture to treat nausea, vomiting and pain as well as to promote relaxation and massage therapy to reduce discomfort, hit certain pressure points that are known to reduce nausea and also to promote relaxation especially in those who are suffering from insomnia as a result of their drug withdrawal symptoms.

Natural Drug Detox

While you may not think of natural drug detox methods as being the most effective at helping you overcome the physical discomforts that you feel when withdrawing from drugs, many natural detox methods have been proven to be rather effective for some patients. Not everyone will respond well to natural drug detox but for those who do attempt natural drug detox methods, a combination of meals, exercise and other natural remedies can alleviate symptoms of withdrawal while promoting a more rapidly occurring detoxification process.

Rapid Drug Detox

As previously stated, rapid drug detox is one of the least widely used and most controversial methods of drug detox that is available today. This method consists of placing the patient under a medically induced coma and then allowing them to rapidly progress through the withdrawal symptoms without actually feeling them. Most often used for opiate detox, rapid drug detox is not a means to the end of addiction and should always be paired with counseling and therapy to ensure the full recovery from addiction.

Best Drug Detox

Finding the best drug detox for your individual needs begins with researching the various types of detox that are available in your area and which are affordable to you. Many insurance companies provide coverage for drug detox which can offset the overall cost out of pocket. Other factors to consider when choosing the best drug detox include the location, the success rate, the qualifications of staff and whether the facility is experienced in treating your individual drug addiction.

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