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Marijuana Detox

how marijuana detox treatment helps you overcome dependence and addiction

Marijuana can be an addictive drug if you use it often and for a long amount of time. The abuse of marijuana can lead to issues such as apathy toward responsibilities, loss of job or bad performance in school, or issues with friends and family members. When a person has been abusing marijuana, there may come a time to consider marijuana detox and treatment, especially when he or she has already become addicted.

Marijuana Addiction

According to a study by the journal of Addiction Science & Clinical Practice, “the prevalence of marijuana abuse and dependence disorders has been increasing among adults and adolescents in the United States.” This has become a growing problem because marijuana can cause addiction and dependence just like any other drug but often people do not recognize that they have a problem. Here are some of the signs that you may need marijuana detox:

  • You have lost your job, failed out of school, or otherwise seen intense consequences of your marijuana abuse in your life.
  • You feel like you cannot get through the day, or even get out of bed, without smoking marijuana.
  • You spend time only with people who also smoke and neglect your old relationships.
  • One or more people have told you that you need to get sober or seek treatment.
  • You don’t know how to have fun without smoking.
  • You think about smoking marijuana even when you are not doing it.
  • You feel that you have become physically and psychologically dependent on marijuana.

Dependence happens when you feel many of the feelings above; it’s as if you don’t feel like yourself or you cannot deal with your life unless you have smoked. Some people smoke just to feel normal. Physical dependence happens when you show physical signs of withdrawal when you stop smoking. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, some of these symptoms include stomach pain and chills.  A patient may also experience a decrease in appetite as well as cravings and depression.

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What to Expect from Marijuana Detox

When you decide to seek treatment for your addiction to marijuana, it is important to have an idea of what you will experience. Because the symptoms of marijuana withdrawal are usually mild, there is nothing life-threatening about the process of withdrawal from the drug. However, a marijuana addict will still need lots of help when going through detox and beginning the process of rehab.

Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment

Usually, inpatient centers are better for those who do not have strong support systems at home and are working through incredibly severe addictions. Inpatient centers provide 24-hour care and a controlled environment where the patient may focus on his or her detox and recovery. You may want to consider an inpatient center if your addiction to marijuana is severe and you do not believe you will be able to stay away from the drug.

However, these clinics are often not necessary for marijuana addiction. Another Addiction Science & Clinical Practice study claims that “outpatient treatments can reduce marijuana consumption and engender abstinence.” Outpatient centers allow the person to attend regular appointments, usually once a day at first, and then continue with his or her life outside. These clinics are often very helpful to those going through marijuana detox.

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