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How Much Does Detox Cost?


Detox cost can vary depending on the program you choose, the intensity of the care you require, and the severity of your financial situation. While some individuals may have the money to afford luxury detox programs that offer additional amenities, others would rather stick with bare-bones care.

No matter what you need for substance abuse treatment or how serious your monetary problems have become, though, do not ever feel that you are not entitled to treatment. Also, detox and addiction treatment are both medical programs and a form of healthcare. For this reason, it is important to refrain from choosing the cheapest option simply because it is inexpensive and to instead look for the best choice for your needs that will also fit into your budget.

We are here to help you find detox programs that will suit your financial situation and allow you to safely recover from substance abuse and dependence.

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Why Do I Need Detox Treatment?

Many people wonder why detox is a necessity when they will still have to attend rehab afterward. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Addiction, detox helps the patient go through withdrawal safely and under medical supervision, which allows them to avoid many of the intense symptoms often experienced during this process. Still, it is true that detox itself is not a treatment for addiction and must be followed-up with rehab in order for a patient to build a strong recovery.

Detox treatment is necessary because it does help the patient go through the difficult battle of withdrawal under the supervision of medical professionals. This can be the most vulnerable time for many addicts, and proper detox care helps ensure that they do not relapse before they have a chance to create a foundation for their recoveries. According to the Society for the Study of Addiction, people who do not seek treatment are much more likely to relapse. As such, detox is important to the process, and paying for this program is usually a good way to ensure a safe recovery.

The Cost of Detox Treatment

The NIDA states that, when the government pays for drug addiction treatment, it is actually more cost effective than the alternatives to this option, such as incurring the costs of continued drug abuse or incarcerating addicts. But what about those who actually have to pay for detox out of pocket? How much does it cost and is it actually a better choice?

This depends heavily on the type of program you choose to attend and whether or not you qualify for payment assistance. This is an extreme swing so take comfort in the fact that there are many different options with a wide variety of costs for different individuals. Also, people who choose treatment are actually more financially sound in most cases.

  • As stated by the NIDA, people who attend addiction treatment often perform better professionally and are able to keep their jobs or find a new job. Choosing recovery will highly improve your own financial situation.
  • Most people who have suffered from addiction are grappling with monetary problems because their substance abuse led them toward these hardships. As such, many treatment facilities will be willing to work with you to find the best options for your care depending on your budget.

What Are Luxury Detox Programs and How Much Do They Cost?

Luxury detox programs offer a wide variety of options for patients who can afford to pay more. These facilities usually provide hotel-like accommodations and 24-hour care, although there are inpatient and residential programs that cost less. In addition, many luxury facilities offer other amenities such as

  • Gourmet meals
  • Spa treatments
  • Beautiful or natural surroundings
  • Holistic treatment options such as yoga, meditation, massage therapy, and acupuncture
  • Private rooms
  • Additional privacy concerns and accommodations
  • One-on-one sessions with trainers, doctors, and other professionals

These facilities are on the higher range of the expense scale, usually around $10,000 to $100,000. They are more expensive because of the large amount of additional options they offer to patients. In most cases, it is not necessary for an individual to receive this type of treatment in order to recover from dependence safely, as regular detox centers can offer all the necessary options.

However, many people prefer this choice because it provides an extra layer of comfort, which can actually benefit those going through the difficult process of detox. Also, people who feel comfortable in their treatment program will often be more likely to stay and finish their program out, which can be helpful as well.

What If I Don’t Have the Money for Luxury Detox?

how much for drug detox

There are many detox programs that are much less expensive and still offer the essential treatment options for dependent individuals. There are also many different types of detox programs, including

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, outpatient detox centers are the most cost-effective option and may be suitable for people with less severe dependencies and strong support systems.

I Don’t Have Any Money to Spend on Detox. What Should I Do?

The truth is many recovering addicts are hurting financially because addiction can cause one to spend money meant for other things (such as rent, food, clothes, etc.) on drugs and alcohol. This can put many different people in the situation of needing detox and not being able to pay for it. However, there are a number of options available for people in this situation.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, certain rehab and detox centers offer payment assistance. In fact, 76.3 percent of the treatment facilities in the United States provided some sort of financial help to patients in 2008. Some of these options include

  • Free treatment: This means detox care that is completely free of charge.
  • Low-cost treatment: This includes treatment facilities that offer care that is less costly than most other facilities.
  • Sliding-fee scale: Some detox centers will discuss a payment amount with the patient based on their specific financial situation. This will include allowing the patient to pay a certain amount according to this sliding scale.
  • Facility grants: Some treatment centers offer grants for those patients who need them. These are often funded by government agencies.

Not everyone is eligible for care in these detox programs. Generally, they are reserved for individuals who would not be able to receive treatment at all without some sort of payment assistance. As such, it is important to determine exactly how much you would be able to pay for treatment and then to work within this budget rather than to look for the absolute cheapest option available.

How Else Can I Pay for Detox?

You may want to attend a detox program that still costs a little more than you are able to pay out of pocket. This is possible, and your financial situation should not prevent you from getting the care you need. Here are some ways you can pay for the extra costs of care.

  • Ask your friends and family members to help fund your recovery. They will likely be concerned about you and will want to do what they can to ensure that you are able to recover as safely as possible. Also, those who have family members and friends involved in their recoveries are often more determined to seek, attend, and to stay in treatment (NIDA).
  • Use your insurance plan. If you have a plan through the Healthcare Marketplace, states that you are guaranteed at least partial coverage for mental health treatment, which includes professional care for a substance use disorder. In addition, most private insurance plans also offer at least partial—if not full—coverage for this type of care. Many insurance plans will cover detox because it is the first step in one’s treatment for substance abuse. However, you must remember to seek rehab after your withdrawal period has ended.
  • Ask your detox center if they will be willing to finance your care. If so, you can pay a certain amount of the cost upfront (as agreed upon by you and the facility), then you will pay the rest in smaller increments over time. This can be the best option for those who do not qualify for payment assistance but who can also not afford to pay the full costs of care upfront.

The important thing to remember is there are many different detox centers with different costs, as well as a multitude of options for those who need help paying for treatment. Don’t ever let your financial troubles stop you from seeking the help you need for your recovery from substance abuse.

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