American Family Insurance Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Detox & Addiction Treatment

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First founded in 1927, what started out as an auto insurance company evolved into the multiservice insurance provider that American Family Insurance is today. American Family Insurance offers a range of health insurance protections, including coverage for drug and alcohol detox and addiction treatment.

A drug or alcohol abuse problem can quickly drain your financial resources over time. Once the decision to seek out needed treatment help is made, a good health insurance plan can go a long way towards helping offset the costs of treatment.

American Family Insurance health plans offer different levels of coverage for both detox and rehab services. The type of plan you have will ultimately determine how far your coverage will go. can help you match your coverage plan with the types of detox and rehab programs you need to overcome the effects of addiction in your life.

Does American Family Insurance Cover Drug & Alcohol Detox?

American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance can cover most of your detox costs!

Detox treatment is an unavoidable part of recovery so it’s important you receive the level of care that can get you through this critical first stage. Like other forms of rehab treatment, detox programs differ in the level of care and types of services they offer.

American Family Insurance provides coverage for detox care as part of their mental health benefit offerings. Since substance abuse and addiction are behavioral-based as well as medical-based conditions, mental health care naturally makes up a big part of the recovery process.

Plan types offered by American Family include:

  • Group Health Insurance – employer-based
  • Short Term Health Insurance – commonly used to fill coverage gaps, such as when you’re in-between jobs
  • Supplement Plans – add-ons to your primary policy
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance – helps pay expenses not covered by Medicare

Does American Family Insurance Cover Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

After completing detox treatment, there’s an ongoing need for some level of treatment support when an addiction problem is at work. Rehab treatment can take many different forms, which is a good thing since treatment needs do vary from person to person.

Overall, the more severe the drug or alcohol problem, the longer it takes to overcome addiction’s effects in your daily life on a consistent basis. Thankfully, American Family Insurance provides coverage benefits for both inpatient and outpatient care.

Inpatient care may take place in a hospital setting or a residential setting based on the severity of your condition. Outpatient care should only be considered during the very early stages of substance abuse or as a transitional form of treatment care.

As no two insurance plans are alike, your plan may pick up some, most or even all of your treatment costs so it’s always a good idea to review your plan benefits before choosing a program.

How Long Will American Family Insurance Cover Detox Services?

Detox programs can run anywhere from 30 to 60 to 90 days in duration depending on the level of addiction being treated. With the most severe drug or alcohol problems, detox withdrawal can persist well past the typical 30 day period. As long as withdrawal effects continue, the risk of relapse runs extremely high.

As with other marketplace insurance providers, American Family is required to cover detox (and rehab) services as long as the treatment you receive is deemed medically necessary. Today’s healthcare laws have established “medical necessity” as the basis for continued healthcare coverage regardless of the condition being treated.

This means, as long as your treatment provider can justify the need for continued care, your health plan will continue to cover a portion of your treatment costs.

Does American Family Insurance Provide Coverage for Luxury Detox & Other Non-Essential Benefits?

Luxury detox programs go above and beyond standard detox treatment approaches and so tend to be considerably more expensive. Many services offered by luxury programs fall under the “non-essential benefits” category, meaning they’re not medically necessary.

Some of these services may take the form of:

  • Gourmet meals
  • Plush living accommodations, such as oceanfront facilities, swimming pools and sauna rooms
  • Holistic therapies, such as yoga, energy balancing and art therapy
  • Private rooms

Your American Family Insurance policy will provide coverage for luxury detox, though it may only cover services deemed medically necessary. Again, plan coverage varies from policy to policy so your particular plan may or may not cover non-essential benefits.

How Can I Cover the Excess Costs of Detox That Are NOT Covered by Insurance?

As one of the largest insurance carriers in the country, American Family Insurance coverage benefits can go a long way towards reducing your overall treatment costs. That being so, you’ll still have to pay some out-of-pocket costs. Out-of-pocket costs not only include copays and deductible amounts, but also any services not covered by your policy plan.

Fortunately, a good majority of recovery programs offer payment assistance options to help make treatment costs more affordable. Assistance options offered can vary depending on the program as well as on your particular circumstances. Available assistance options may include sliding-fee scale payment arrangements, third party financing and scholarship or grant opportunities.

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