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Drug Detox Programs

Many different drug detox programs exist to provide patients with the best possible drug detoxification and care for their individual needs. Because no two drug addictions or addicts are the same, the need for various specialized drug detox programs can be seen throughout detox centers and treatment facilities. Some of the most common drug detox programs focus on providing faith based care, holistic care, natural care and rapid detox.

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Faith Based Drug Detox Programs

Faith based drug detox programs allow patients to get the treatment that they need in an environment where they can share in similar interests with those who have the same faith. The most common of these drug detox programs is Christian drug detox. Christian detox programs utilize the teachings of the bible for support and strength during the drug detoxification process while incorporating prayer and other Christian principles into every facet of the treatment process.

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Holistic Drug Detox Programs

Drug Detox Programs

Many holistic drug detox programs incorporate yoga.

Many drug detox centers utilize a whole body approach to treatment that includes various forms of traditional and alternative medicine to treat not only the addiction but any other conditions or problems the recovering addict may have. Holistic drug detox programs often incorporate methods of alternative therapy into the program to assist with various withdrawal symptoms such as acupuncture to treat nausea, insomnia and other symptoms. Holistic drug detox is an effective means of overcoming physical dependence especially for those who have underlying problems that led them into the addiction such as depression, anxiety or chronic pain.

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Natural Drug Detox Programs

Naturally overcoming physical drug dependence is another method of detox that can be very effective and liberating at the same time. Natural detox programs do not use medications during the detoxification process but rather incorporate methods of exercise, herbal remedies and nutrition to promote a faster and more comfortable detox without adding toxins to the body. Although natural drug detox programs may not be the chosen detoxification method for some, these programs do provide an effective means of treatment for those who suffer from many mild to moderate addictions.

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Choosing a Drug Detox Program


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