Choosing a Drug Detox Program

Many different factors must be considered when choosing a drug detox program that is suitable for an individual’s needs. Some of the most common factors that are taken into consideration when choosing a drug detox program include the cost of the program, the length of the program, the success rate of others who have completed the program, insurance coverage options, and the availability of medication in the treatment program. Consider these factors when choosing a drug detox program for yourself or someone you know who is addicted to drugs:

Cost of the Drug Detox Program

Insurance coverage is available in many states to cover the cost of drug detox. If you have insurance, a good starting point when choosing a drug detox program is to consider the insurance coverage options and find a detox center that will accept your insurance. Otherwise, cost will be a deciding factor for many when it comes to choosing a drug detoxification program. The cost of drug detox will differ based on the length of the program, the level of care provided and various other factors. Contact the center directly to ask specific questions about the cost of a program including, whether medications are included, whether around-the-clock medical care is included and what other services are included in the overall cost of the detox program.

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Length of the Drug Detox Program

Choosing a Drug Detox Program

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The next step to choosing a drug detox program is to determine the length of the program that will be most suitable to your individual needs. Detox program lengths differ and may range from a week to 90 days depending largely on the type of addiction that an individual suffers from as well as their current health condition. Those detox programs that utilize medication substitutes as part of the treatment such as using Suboxone for the treatment of a heroin addiction may last longer than a rapid detox program or certain other types of detoxification.

Success Rate of the Detox Program

The success rate of any drug detox program can be measured by asking the detox center specifically how many people who complete their program actually remain drug free for a period of at least one year or more. These rates are likely to be rather low simply because there is a high level of failure or relapse associated with any type of drug addiction. Do not base your decision solely on the number of successful rehabilitation efforts but do take into consideration how many people do actually remain sober after taking part in a particular drug detox program.

Medications in Drug Detox Programs

Various medications may be used in drug detox and when choosing a drug detox program you will want to consider the use or availability of medications as part of the program. Remember that medications can lead to additional addictions and should be used with care and under proper medical supervision. Some drug detox programs provide a natural approach to treatment or a holistic approach to treatment and do not offer medications. If this is not acceptable to you or if you feel like you can take part in a detoxification without medications, consider these other options that are available to you.

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