Holistic Drug Detox

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Holistic drug detox programs focus their treatments around helping the patient to heal their mind, body and spiritual side. These programs utilize a combination of traditional medicine and care as well as alternative treatments to ensure that the patient heals from a physical and psychological aspect in more ways than one. Holistic drug detox is a relatively new method of treatment but the extreme effectiveness of these types of treatment have prompted many detox centers to incorporate holistic methods into their everyday services.

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Treatments Used in Holistic Drug Detox

Not only do holistic drug detox programs use traditional medicine techniques to help patients overcome the physical and psychological dependence on drugs, these programs also utilize many alternative treatments to assist patients in the withdrawal and detoxification process. The most common types of alternative treatments or holistic therapy that are used in these programs include:

Holistic Drug Detox

Equine therapy is offered at some holistic drug detox centers.

Together, when paired with medications or other methods of traditional treatment, holistic drug detox programs can help patients to overcome their addiction more quickly and more effectively.

Benefits of Holistic Drug Detox

The major benefit of any holistic drug detox program is that these types of programs do not take a focus on treating only the addiction. They focus on treating the patient as a whole who may need treatment or therapy for psychological disorders, other physical health disorders such as pain or diabetes, and they provide spiritual healing. Holistic drug detox programs recognize that the patient must heal on all levels in order to maintain lasting sobriety and to continue their abstinence from drugs. Beyond these benefits of holistic drug detox, each individual patient may find additional benefits in the alternative treatments that are provided in any holistic drug detoxification program.

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