Is Christian-Based Drug Detox Right for Me?

Drug detox can be a difficult time, and sometimes, people need more than the traditional treatments of medication and therapy. If you are looking for another level of treatment during your drug dependency treatment, you may ask yourself if Christian-based drug detox is right for you.

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Ask Yourself

If you are considering this option, ask yourself some important questions about your spirituality and your feelings toward your detox and recovery.

  • Do I find healing and comfort in the teachings of Christianity and religion in general?
  • Am I looking for another, more spiritual layer to my drug detox treatment?
  • Do I feel that focusing on my Christian beliefs will allow me to deal more successfully with my triggers, cravings, and other issues while attending detox?
  • Have I tried other holistic or spiritual treatments in the past and found that they helped me?

If you answer yes to these questions, it is likely that Christian-based drug detox could be right for you. Because these facilities provide medical treatments along with spiritual counseling and prayer, you will receive treatment on several different levels which may strengthen your recovery.

Not for Everyone

Christian-based drug detox

Christianity may be a source of healing for you during drug detox.

In many cases, Christian-based drug detox can be effective, but it is not for everyone. Some people may be uncomfortable in one of these facilities or may not want religion to enter into their treatment. According to the NIDA, “No single treatment is appropriate for everyone.”

The best way to know if a Christian-based drug detox is appropriate is to consider what will be the best environment for the patient. Sometimes, friends and family will want a certain type of facility, but the patient will want another. Within reason, the best possible treatment is that which is best for and most comfortable for the patient.

Why Choose Christian-Based Drug Detox?

Christian-based drug detox may be beneficial to you if you find comfort, strength, and healing from your Christian faith. Others are simply comfortable in this type of facility because they grew up in a church-based environment. There could be many reasons to choose a Christian-based drug detox, but the individual patient must do what is best for them and them alone.

Although detox involves medication, monitoring, and counseling as medical treatments for drug dependence, holistic treatments can be effective as well. These types of treatments can include “spiritual growth and development,” according to a study from the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, and should be considered for their possible contribution to detox treatment.

Every patient has different needs, and a specific treatment plan should be put into place for each person. Some patients do receive strength and guidance from their Christian faiths, others find comfort in the prayer sessions and teachings. What you should consider as a patient is what is going to:

  • Make you most comfortable
  • Help you heal more quickly
  • Allow you to focus on your treatment

If you believe a Christian-based drug detox center will help you with these necessities, then this type of facility may in fact be right for you. Call 866-351-3840(Who Answers?) now to be connected with detox centers in your area.


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