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About Avera Saint Lukes Worthmore Addiction Services

Located in Aberdeen, South Dakota, Avera Saint Lukes Worthmore Addiction Services is a faith-based substance abuse treatment center. Home to the Storybook Land theme park, the city of Aberdeen offers much in the way of local attractions and outdoor activities.

As part of a network of hospitals and treatment facilities, our program provides quality care and service. With a total staff of over 16,000 employees, our addiction treatment specialists are dedicated to helping you overcome addiction’s hold, starting with the detox process.

The ongoing effects of substance abuse in any form breeds an increasingly stronger dependence on the substance used. When left untreated, drug and alcohol abuse ultimately becomes the center of your life, leaving a shell of a person in its wake.

Operating as a faith-based organization, Avera Saint Lukes Worthmore Addiction Services places a heavy emphasis on the importance of Christian values throughout the course of the detox treatment process. In addition to providing medical care and emotional support, our program helps you build a solid foundation in recovery through the values and principles of the Christian faith.

Whether you’re struggling with oxycodone, heroin, alcohol or cocaine addiction, Avera Saint Lukes Worthmore Addiction Services can help you take the first steps towards living a happy, healthy, drug-free life.

Treatment Options

With the primary goal of helping you overcome the discomforts of drug/alcohol detoxification, Avera Saint Lukes Worthmore Addiction Services uses evidence-based treatment protocols as developed by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. This includes a medically-supervised detox treatment environment coupled with behavior-based interventions that treat the mental aspect of the addiction problem.

Our program also employs Christian-based principles and practices that form the context within which treatment takes place. In turn, the principles underlying the 12 Step treatment approach make up a big part of our program’s approach This means, prayer, bible study and daily meditation are daily practices throughout your time in detox treatment.

Other treatment options to expect include:

  • Initial assessment process
  • Medical evaluation
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Treatment planning


Avera Addiction Services is a member of the Hazelden Betty Ford Patient Care Network. This affiliation greatly benefits our patients by giving them access to a range of tools and resources in their recovery. Our program staff also benefit through ongoing access to training resources and certifications.

During the course of the detox treatment process, you’ll undergo periodic screenings and evaluations to ensure the line of treatment you receive is doing what’s it’s supposed to do. Avera takes a personalized approach when developing your treatment plant in terms of matching your treatment needs with intended goals and objectives.

Other treatment options provided by Avera Saint Luke Worthmore Addiction Services include:

  • Ongoing drug education and counseling
  • Relapse prevention training
  • Supportive therapies
  • Aftercare planning


The chaos and confusion that substance abuse brings becomes a lifestyle all its own. Countering the effects of the addiction lifestyle is a big part of the detox treatment process.

Avera Saint Lukes Worthmore Addiction Services adheres to certain program policies for the purpose of creating a safe and secure detox treatment experience. Program policies work to ensure your stay at our facility is conducive to healing and growth.

Here are a few of our policy guidelines:

  • All medications must be checked in with a staff member upon admission to the program
  • Treatment staff must abide by privacy and confidentiality guidelines when handling patient information
  • No alcohol or drugs on the premises
  • No smoking allowed on the premises

The decision to seek out detox treatment help seldom comes easy, but the chaos and confusion of addiction will only get worse if left untreated. Avera Saint Lukes Worthmore Addiction Services is here to help you take back your life from addiction. For more information on our program offerings, call our toll-free helpline at 866-351-3840(Who Answers?) .

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