Magellan Health Services Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Detox & Addiction Treatment

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Admitting you have a substance abuse problem can be frightening. Many people worry they will lose their jobs, their loved ones, or other things that matter in their lives. But the truth is it’s always better to ask for help than to suffer in silence. You won’t know how much easier it is to live without addiction until you do. Paying for treatment can also be a daunting prospect. If you have a Magellan Health Services plan, though, you should be entitled to at least partial—if not full—coverage for your treatment for substance abuse, including detox, rehab, and aftercare. When a person is covered under a Magellan plan that includes LifeResources, they should be able to receive addiction treatment coverage, as long as they undergo a counseling session that determines what type of care they will require for the safest recovery possible.

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Does Magellan Health Services Cover Drug & Alcohol Detox?

Magellan Health Services

Magellan Health Services will help cover detox and get you on the road to recovery!

Detox is one of the most important steps in addiction recovery. It helps patients work through their dependencies on drugs or alcohol and allows them to become stabilized before going into rehab. However, detox must ALWAYS be followed by rehab treatment, as it does little on its own to help a patient put their substance abuse in the past and avoid relapse.

Most Magellan Health Services plans that include LifeResources coverage will cover your detox period, depending on how much care you require at this time. These requirements are usually determined during the confidential counseling session clients must complete through their employer.

Does Magellan Health Services Cover Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

Rehab, also known as addiction treatment, is the part of recovery where patients learn to avoid relapse as well as better coping skills for the future. This type of treatment is meant to help patients manage addiction as a chronic illness, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Rehab is the necessary follow-up to detox treatment.

You should expect your Magellan Health Services plan to cover any necessary rehab treatment, but the type of program deemed necessary will likely depend on the counselor you meet with and their recommendation for your care. This is, of course, if you received your coverage through your workplace. You can learn more by calling 866-351-3840(Who Answers?) .

How Long Will Magellan Health Services Cover Detox Services?

Detox treatment can last for several days to several months. In many cases, treatment lasts at least 28 to 30 days so patients can become stabilized before they begin to transition into rehab treatment. Your counseling session will likely determine the lengths of time your detox and rehab stints will need to be.

Magellan Health Services usually offers patients no more than two 28-day treatment lengths in inpatient care or no more than $3,500 for outpatient care. As such, you may need to determine which type of treatment will best suit your needs when and why. Your counseling session can be helpful during this time, but you can also call 866-351-3840(Who Answers?) to learn more about the detox and rehab options available to you, as well as the programs that will be covered under your insurance plan.

Does Magellan Health Services Provide Coverage for Luxury Detox & Other Non-Essential Benefits?

There are certain treatment options that are widely considered non-essential but can be extremely helpful in the case of certain individuals. These can include luxury detox or rehab centers, holistic detox or rehab centers, additional therapy programs, and other options. Certain programs, like luxury detox or family therapy, could in fact be extremely helpful to some patients, and according to the NIDA, treatment must take into account all the needs of the individual patient, including those that don’t directly affect their substance abuse issues.

Your counseling session will determine if you will require any non-essential benefits for treatment, and if you do, these should be covered under your Magellan Health Services plan. Also, if you choose a program that is within your network, 100 percent of the costs should be covered while only 50 percent will be covered if you choose an out of network program.

How Can I Cover the Excess Costs of Detox that Are NOT Covered by Insurance?

Even if your plan does offer you full coverage in one program, you may want to choose another. Your plan may also not provide you with aftercare or something else you need. If this is the case, do not panic. You have plenty of options you can use to pay for the excess costs of detox and rehab.

  • Many facilities provide patients with payment assistance options such as grants, low-cost care, sliding-fee scales, etc. If you discuss your needs with your treatment center of choice, many will be likely to work with you to ensure you can afford care.
  • Some facilities will even allow you to finance your treatment costs, which means you will pay some up front and the rest at a later date.
  • Ask your friends and family members to help you pay for treatment. If some cannot afford to help, ask them to support you in your decision, which can go a long way toward keeping you in treatment and sober (NIDA).
  • Ask your treatment center if they can offer you any vouchers or referrals to community programs. This way, you might be able to receive additional treatment options without having to pay as much.

Remember, you are not alone, and seeking treatment is always better than trying to go through recovery without help.

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