10 Life Changing Benefits to Inpatient Detox Centers

There are many different varieties of addiction treatment centers available, from those that offer long-term inpatient residential programs to those specializing in short-term outpatient programs that require you to continue living at home during treatment. While you could choose one of the detox centers that only offer outpatient treatment to help with addiction, you greatly improve your chances of changing your life for good if you choose an inpatient detox center. This level of detox treatment is more affordable and accessible than you may think, and most importantly, it is far more beneficial than outpatient detox.

Here are 10 Life Changing Benefits to Inpatient Detox Centers:

1. Inpatient detox increases your chances of a successful recovery.

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Inpatient treatment provides the skills needed to avoid relapse.

A recent study that compared inpatient opiate detoxification with outpatient opiate detoxification found that opiate addiction treatment at inpatient detox centers is superior to outpatient treatment for opiate addiction due to a higher completion rate. Specifically, inpatient treatment showed a 51.4% completion rate, and outpatient showed a 36.4% rate of completion. Furthermore, when inpatient detox is followed by continued treatment in a residential rehab program, the completion rate improves even more, to as much as 81%. And while these studies focused on opiate-addicted patients, additional studies show that completion rates are much better for inpatient treatment than outpatient treatment, regardless of the addiction in question.

You cannot overcome addiction without the proper treatment, and you can’t get the treatment you need without going through an entire program from start to finish. This will not only ensure that you get the insights and learn the skills needed for recovery, it will also make sure that you understand the importance of treatment in a way that will motivate you to seek aftercare services in the form of periodic counseling and peer support groups, so that you never lose touch with your recovery.

2. Inpatient detox will help your bank account.

Although outpatient detox and treatment costs less than inpatient detox and treatment does, receiving outpatient treatment only makes it more likely that you will need repeated courses of detoxification and treatment, which will wind up costing you much more in the end—not to mention waste your time and cause you and your loved one’s unnecessary stress and suffering.

It is far better to get the treatment you need from the beginning, by starting off with an inpatient detox. Besides, addiction treatment is more affordable than you may realize. Between insurance coverage, non-profit facilities offering low or no-cost detox, and programs that charge sliding scale fees based on your income, there is a way to make addiction treatment affordable for anyone. You should also keep in mind that inpatient detox and addiction treatment will be far more affordable than the high expense of continued drug or alcohol abuse, and the many costly legal, professional, and health problems that substance abuse can cause.

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3. Inpatient detox provides medical oversight to help you safely transition off a substance.

Anyone who takes an addictive substance repeatedly will experience withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to quit or cut down, and the 24/7 medical monitoring offered by inpatient detox centers will help you physically, emotionally, and practically cope with this first, crucial phase of treatment. This is especially important for anyone who has been drinking or using for an especially long time, who has been taking especially large amounts of a substance, or who has been using a substance with an especially risky withdrawal syndrome, like benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, etc.).

Medical professionals at detox centers have the experience and resources to keep you as calm and comfortable as possible throughout detox, and if any serious health risks appear, such as seizures or kidney failure, you will have the protection of immediate medical intervention. Detoxing at home may mean that medical help comes far too late. Your safety will not only be at risk due to withdrawal symptoms that are directly fatal, but also from health complications that can result from those symptoms, such as heart problems resulting from electrolyte imbalances and dehydration caused by nausea and vomiting. Such complications are easy to avoid with inpatient treatment.

4. Inpatient detox centers provide easy access to multiple treatment options.

Going through detoxification in an inpatient program allows you to benefit from a range of different treatment options to help with addiction. Along with medical care, you could receive counseling and other psychological therapies to help you cope with the emotional side of detoxification. Many inpatient programs also offer alternative treatments such as acupuncture, meditation, and yoga, which will not only help you get through detox, but will teach you ways of coping with future stress, and for maintaining a healthy, drug-free lifestyle after treatment.

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5. Inpatient detox provides additional help with the roots of your addiction.

Having access to therapists and counseling during detox will help you get started on uncovering the underlying causes of your addiction. Many people start drinking or using as a way of escaping from unresolved conflicts or past trauma, or to self-medicate co-occurring mental health disorders such as anxiety or depression. Treating these root issues will make it much easier for you to abstain from drugs and alcohol in the future because the core reasons that once motivated your addiction have been directly addressed. If you fail to address these issues, your primary motivations to keep drinking or using will continue to push you towards unhealthy behaviors, and will persistently hinder your recovery. Overcoming addiction is about more than just quitting drugs or alcohol.

6. Inpatient detox helps you build a sober support system.

Inpatient treatment is a good way to meet fellow addicts who truly understand what you’re going through, and who are equally motivated to change their lives. Together, you can support each other with advice, insight, and friendship. Sometimes just having a conversation with someone who gets addiction from the inside out can be an enormous boost to your morale and motivation. Studies have shown that peer support is an essential component of addiction recovery, and treatment programs and peer support groups are a wonderful way to connect with a community of recovery that reminds you that you are not alone in your struggles. Treatment programs and peer support groups are also a great way to form sober friendships that can become a lasting part of your recovery support system.

7. Inpatient detox will keep you physically removed from temptation.

For many addicts, the detox and withdrawal period of recovery is the most challenging stage of addiction treatment. It can be extremely difficult to resist relapse when you are suffering, especially when you know that turning to drugs or alcohol will quickly relieve your withdrawal symptoms. Inpatient detox will not only lessen the temptation to use due to treatments that block or ease your withdrawal symptoms, the physical security of staying at an inpatient facility where drugs and alcohol are not available to you will prevent you from giving in to any temptation that you do feel.

Being removed from temptation is especially important for patients recovering from alcoholism. Unlike an illicit drug like heroin, alcohol is widely available everywhere, for anyone over the age of 21 to legally purchase. Alcohol is not only available in liquor stores, you can find it at gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, bars, hotels, sporting events, concerts, and for free at many social gatherings. Imagine struggling through alcohol detox while being surrounded by such a readily available substance—while also seeing it discussed online, shown in movies and television shows, and advertised in commercials on TV, in magazines, and on billboards. An inpatient detox center will remove you from this pervasive temptation, giving you the peace and solitude you need to focus on achieving and maintaining your sobriety.

8. Inpatient detox lowers your risk of dying from your addiction.

As you detox from drugs or alcohol, your tolerance to your primary substance of use becomes much lower. If you were to fail to complete an outpatient detox program and returned to alcohol or drug use at your accustomed level, you would be at high risk of encountering alcohol poisoning or a fatal drug overdose. Inpatient detox gives you a better chance of completing treatment and staying clean, and therefore evading this kind of fatality. Completing a treatment program and avoiding continued drug use also protects you from developing or worsening addiction-related health problems, such as liver disease, heart irregularities, or brain damage, all of which could eventually take your life. Addiction can also be fatal indirectly, because of drug or alcohol induced violence, car accidents, risky behaviors while intoxicated, and more.

Addiction is a chronic, progressive disease that will be fatal if left untreated.

9. Inpatient detox protects you from addiction triggers.

Early recovery can be a fragile time, especially while you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. You are more likely to stay strong and successfully make it through detoxification if you are protected by the 24/7 treatment environment of an inpatient rehab facility. Not only does inpatient treatment provide security and supervision, it also removes you from the triggers that can encourage you to use or drink, such as a high-stress job, drug-using family members, sick children, traffic jams, relationship drama, and the liquor store a block away from your apartment.

The healing atmosphere of an inpatient detox and addiction treatment center will allow you to devote all of your mental and physical energy to overcoming addiction and getting better, without having to worry about or deal with the distractions and hassles of everyday life. By the time you return to the outside world and potential triggers, you will be in a much stronger place physically and mentally, with an arsenal of weapons that you can use to fight through any challenges you may face.

10. Inpatient detox allows for continuous rehab treatment.

When you detox at an inpatient facility, it becomes much easier to transition from detoxification to other addiction treatment services such as counseling and behavioral therapy—in fact, many patients begin taking part in these services while they are still undergoing detox. The sooner that you take part in these kinds of interventions, the faster you’ll progress, and the better your chances will be at a successful long-term recovery.

Continuous inpatient treatment will also allow you to build a stronger foundation for healthy living, so that you will find it much easier to stay sober when you do a transition from residential treatment to outpatient treatment, and then to independent living. In addition, consistent treatment will give you the time and knowledge to work with treatment providers to create a strong aftercare plan to support your continued recovery after discharge. Peer support groups, 12-step or non-12-step, alumni activities, and other aftercare services are an essential part of a healthy, substance-free lifestyle.

Recovery is an ongoing journey, not a race with a starting line and finish line.

Finding the Best Addiction Treatment Centers for You

Addiction treatment should always be customized to suit the individual patient, so it is important to find the best addiction treatment centers for your needs. You not only want a detox facility and addiction treatment center that specializes in the kind of addiction you are facing, you want to make sure that it is an approved facility that is covered by your insurance plan, or else a facility with payment options that will work for you financially.

Detox.com can help you find the best addiction treatment centers in several different ways. You can search for nearby facilities by state, or you can consult with an addiction treatment specialist through online chat, or by calling our 24/7 hotline: 800-996-6135(Who Answers?) . We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to simplify the process of sorting through treatment possibilities and payment options so that you can start your recovery as soon as possible.

Give yourself the best chance of overcoming addiction and reclaiming your life by letting Detox.com connect you with the best detox and addiction treatment options available to you.

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