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Written by: on 11th January, 2016

We don’t always know what causes a recovering addict to relapse. Sometimes it’s just a matter of stress or a desire to feel that high that they once loved, sometimes it’s a matter of having been faced with triggers that are simply too much to cope with. Unfortunately, relapse is a common element in recovery as, like any disease, addiction is a chronic problem that is plagued by the consistent underlying desire to abuse drugs or alcohol even long after recovery has taken place. Here’s a look at some of the lesser known relapse triggers.

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Facing Challenges Too Early in Recovery

Encountering your triggers with a full set of skills behind you is difficult. Encountering them when you are not ready is disastrous.

Having a lack of Support

relapse triggers

Having a lack of emotional support often leads to relapse.

A support network is one of the keys to going through detox. Without a support network in place, many people slide back into using because there is no one to stop them from doing it.

Being around people who previously “allowed” addiction to occur

Association with people who enable addiction, better known as hanging out with your old crowd is a good way to relapse. When you visit the people and places you used to use, you usually wind up using again.

Feeling upset, depressed or otherwise “blue”

Most drug detoxes involve experiencing a wide variety of negative emotions. These emotions include:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • guilt
  • shame
  • remorse
  • anger

Many people do anything to get rid of these feelings, even if it is only for a little while and means relapse.

Attempting to Overcome the Battle of Addiction Alone

Detoxing alone is simply a bad idea. Many people have issues when they attempt to detox alone. It is so easy to slip back into using a drug that many people do not even realize they are doing it. You do not have to detox on your own. We can help, call us at 800-483-2193(Who Answers?).

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