Multiplan Insurance Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Detox & Addiction Treatment


For many people, being able to afford addiction treatment is a serious factor in whether or not they will pursue it. Addiction can devastate a person’s or a family’s finances, and being able to seek safe, effective care can sometimes depend on if the individual can still pay their bills, let alone their treatment costs. Fortunately, recent changes, like the Affordable Care Act, have made it easier for people to receive treatment for addiction and made more insurance plans, such as those offered through Multiplan Insurance, cover mental health treatments like rehab.

Multiplan Insurance may or may not cover your addiction treatment depending on a number of variables. Your specific plan, the type of substance you have been abusing, and the severity of your addiction are just a few of these. In addition, the plan may or may not cover certain services, like detox or rehab, and it may or may not provide you full coverage. This is why it is so important to find out what your plan can offer you and what type of treatment you require for a safe recovery.

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Does Multiplan Insurance Cover Drug & Alcohol Detox?

Detox treatment involves the use of medications and therapies to help patients work through the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal. During this program, patients are able to put an end to their dependence on drugs/alcohol/etc. Unfortunately, though, someone who goes through detox isn’t necessarily cured of their addiction and will require further treatment in a rehab center. Detox alone is not a treatment for addiction, just for dependence.

Multiplan Insurance may or may not cover your detox. In some cases, it may cover alcohol detox but not drug detox. In others, it may provide you with short-term detox treatment coverage but not long-term. Whether or not you can expect coverage depends heavily on your specific plan, your needs for treatment, and other aspects of your personal situation. This is why it so important to determine what you are entitled to before you seek help.

Does Multiplan Insurance Cover Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

Multiplan Insurance

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According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, there are many different types of rehab programs. They can include long- and short-term programs, inpatient and outpatient programs, hospital-based and nonhospital-based programs, as well as many other options. All these types of programs exist because different individuals need different types of care. It is important that you determine the program that best suits your needs, including even those that are not involved with your substance abuse.

Your insurance plan may offer you coverage for rehab treatment, but it will likely list the issue under mental health care. As such, it may change the amount of treatment or the treatment length that it will cover. Whatever your situation, it is important to find out what your plan actually covers and whether or not this will provide you with what you require. Remember, you can always call at 866-351-3840(Who Answers?) for a free insurance benefits check.

How Long Will Multiplan Insurance Cover Detox Services?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, detox can involve the experience of uncomfortable symptoms that need to be treated with medicine. This should take as long as necessary, but many detox programs have specific lengths for patients. Some last for only a few days while others last for 30. Some may last for months if necessary. The length of time that detox lasts should depend on the patient’s needs.

Multiplan Insurance will likely offer you coverage for a short detox stint based on your needs. However, some individuals may be able to receive coverage for a longer period of time. Of course, this depends heavily on the plan in question, which is different for every individual client. You’ll want to know how much time in detox will be covered by your insurance plan before you begin your detox program.

Does Multiplan Insurance Provide Coverage for Luxury Detox & Other Non-Essential Benefits?

Some Multiplan Insurance policies will cover luxury detox, luxury rehab, or other non-essential treatment types. These may include spiritual treatment, holistic treatment, or another type of program. This will depend on your specific plan, though, so you must determine which options will be covered before you choose a program. However, some individuals do greatly appreciate luxury care because it adds a beneficial level of comfort to detox.

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How Can I Cover the Excess Costs of Detox that Are NOT Covered by Insurance?

According to the NIDA, drug addiction treatment—including detox—is less costly to society than continued drug abuse or prison. But what about your costs? If you are not able to pay for all of your detox treatment with your Multiplan Insurance policy, how will you afford care?

The good news is there are many ways you can make paying for any extra treatment costs easier. Many rehab and detox centers offer financing so you can pay off what you owe in smaller increments over time. Also, some facilities offer payment assistance in the form of grants, sliding-fee scales, and low-cost care.

No matter what your situation, you should always seek treatment in a professional detox center and then follow it up with rehab. Don’t ever let cost stand in the way of getting the help you need.

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