Alcohol Detox Protocol

The protocol will differ from one alcohol detox center to the next but in most cases there will be certain foundation methods of treatment that do not change too much. For instance, many alcohol detox centers will begin the process by placing a patient in their room to rest and get acquainted with their surroundings. Once they have had a bit of time to settle in, the alcohol detox protocol will continue further into the entire detoxification process which may include time, rest, medications, meals and other efforts to assist the patient in overcoming alcoholism.

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Alcohol Detox Protocol

Alcohol Detox Protocol

Physical exercise is essential during alcohol detox.

Exercise is often a part of the alcohol detox protocol. During even the simplest exercise, two major functions toward detox are being performed. First, the patient is getting some well needed exercise that is great for their own health and second, the patient is getting a chance to sweat which means that many of the toxins associated with long term alcohol consumption are being released from the body in a natural way.

Exercise may not be fun, comfortable or even desirable at first but in time most recovering addicts learn how to incorporate some methods of exercise into their daily routines.

Following exercise, meals that promote detoxification are also provided as part of any alcohol detox protocol. These meals may include well-rounded healthy mixtures of grains, fruits and vegetables and a variety of other foods. Many of the foods that are served for those in alcohol detox are provided in an effort to help the patient stop drinking and to help them more quickly process out the many toxins associated with their alcohol use.

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