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Alcohol Detox Centers

Alcohol detox centers provide the foundation for alcohol addiction treatment which starts after the very last drink of alcohol is taken. These facilities offer medications, medical monitoring, social support and various methods of treatment to assist the individual in coping with physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms in their early phases. As the treatment progresses and all physical dependence has been overcome, the recovering addict will be prepared to enter into a long term psychological treatment program such as alcohol rehab or an alcohol treatment center. Treatment for the mental aspect of alcohol addiction cannot begin until the individual has first successfully detoxed which typically takes place over a period of about 2 weeks in an alcohol detox center.

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Choosing an Alcohol Detox Center

The decision to seek help for an alcohol addiction is already a life-changing matter, the next step is to choose an alcohol detox center that will provide you with the most effective care for your individual needs. You may have an alcohol detox center in mind already or you may have never even thought of this before. Regardless, you will want to consider certain factors before you choose an alcohol detox center. For instance, you may want to consider insurance options, your ability to pay for treatment, the location of the detox center and various other factors before you narrow your options down and make the final, life-saving and life-changing choice to seek help.

Ask yourself the following questions before choosing an alcohol detox center for yourself or for someone you care about:

  • Do I have insurance to cover alcohol detox?
  • Is there a local detox center that accepts my insurance or that is affordable for me?
  • Can I afford treatment and if not is there community assistance that could benefit me?
  • Would it be better for me to get help further away from home?
  • Will I attend an inpatient or outpatient rehab center following detox?
  • Does the detox center that I am looking at offer counseling and therapy services too?

Alcohol Detox Treatment

Alcohol Detox Centers

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Once you have chosen an alcohol detox center you can begin alcohol detox treatment. This is the process of actually not drinking, letting the withdrawal symptoms take course and managing the symptoms to prevent relapse and reduce stress on the individual. Alcohol detox treatment takes many forms and may include the use of medications to alleviate the harsh symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Herbal remedies and holistic treatments are also offered during some alcohol detox treatment programs to assist the recovering addict with their ability to effectively cope with the withdrawal symptoms without using alcohol. Depending on the severity of the alcohol addiction and the subsequent withdrawal symptoms that come with not drinking, alcohol detox treatment may last a period of about 5 days to 5 weeks with the average time being about 14 days to completely detox from alcohol and be ready for psychological recovery.

Alcohol Detox Clinics

All of this treatment and care is provided at alcohol detox clinics. These clinics provide detoxification services and medical care to those who suffer from alcohol addiction in an effort to help more people find the support and skills that they need to completely overcome physical dependence on alcohol and take back control of their life the way it was before alcohol came into the picture.

Alcohol detox clinics can be found providing both inpatient and outpatient services to assist patients with mild to moderate or even severe alcohol addiction. Most alcohol detox clinics employ a doctor or staff physician as well as nurses and therapists that can provide medical intervention as necessary to ensure the safety of the recovering addict during every step of the alcohol detoxification process. Because of the dangers of alcohol detox, it is not recommended that any recovering addict detox without the assistance of an alcohol detox clinic, doctor or similar medical professional.

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