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Alcohol Detox Timeline

The length of time that it takes for an individual to completely overcome physical symptoms of addiction will vary greatly from one addict to the next. Typically, the alcohol detox timeline can last anywhere from about 10 days on to a year or more. This does not mean that the worst of the withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol detox will be present for a full year, but it does mean that some of the physical urges to drink and that some of the physical side effects that come with no longer drinking are likely to continue for a prolonged period of time.

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Alcohol Detox Timeline: What to Expect

Alcohol Detox Timeline

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms will improve over time.

During the initial phase of alcohol detox you can expect to feel some rather mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms to start. Over time, these symptoms are likely to become more prevalent but for most people, they will peak around 10 days and then begin to subside. If the withdrawal symptoms do not subside in a couple of days to a week, you can talk with the detox center specialist or a doctor about having some medications prescribed to help alleviate the pains, discomforts or other problems that you may be suffering from the alcohol withdrawal.

The alcohol withdrawal symptoms should become easier to cope with over the first week. For those who are heavily addicted to alcohol and who actually suffer from the most severe form of alcohol addiction which is called alcoholism, the alcohol withdrawal symptoms that come during alcohol detox are more difficult to cope with and to treat. For these recovering addicts, alcohol detox may take many months to complete and is often paired with medication to ensure the absolutely safety of the patient as well as to ensure their best chance toward sobriety.

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