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Detox Centers

Detox centers provide effective detoxification programs and methods to assist those who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction in finding the strength to make their way through the withdrawal symptoms and come out on top of addiction. Physical dependence is one of the most difficult parts of any addiction to overcome but with the help of detox centers and the specialized programs, medications, therapists and medical interventionist who provide care at these facilities, those who suffer from even the strongest of addictions can get past the physical dependence that keeps them using drugs or alcohol and prepare for psychological recovery.

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There are many different types of detox centers, each geared around providing a specific type of detoxification, a specific type of treatment or a specific level of care and monitoring. Some of the most common types of detox centers are outlined below:

Inpatient Detox Centers

These facilities provide the highest level of medical monitoring and supervision of all the other types of detox centers. Those who are addicted to alcohol, heroin and various prescription medications often find that inpatient detox is necessary to ensure their complete compliance with the program with minimal risk of relapse during this difficult phase of the treatment process. Inpatient detox centers provide patients with a place to live while their undergo detox. Medical monitoring and physical care are provided as well as meals, social support and other services to ensure the safety and sobriety of the individual. Inpatient programs have a higher patient retention rate than outpatient ones.

Outpatient Detox Centers

For those who may have just started using drugs or alcohol or who have a very strong support structure at home, outpatient detox centers can provide much of the monitoring and support on a daytime basis and then the patient can return to their home support network to continue working toward their detoxification goals. Outpatient detox centers are not for those who have extremely physical addictions which can pose a threat to the patient when they abruptly stop using the substances such as alcohol or heroin. For mildly physical addictions, outpatient detox centers provide just the right level of monitoring and care while allowing the recovering addict to take some detox measures under their own control.

Christian Detox Centers

detox centers

Patients who find strength through their spirituality can benefit from christian detox centers.

Many people find that the only thing which will help them get through the withdrawal symptoms is not medication, it’s not family support or the support of a therapist—it’s the support that they receive from others who share in similar beliefs at Christian detox centers. These facilities provide a faith centered approach to helping the recovering addict to find strength in God and to overcome the physical dependence that they have on drugs or alcohol. Many different Christian treatment methods exist ranging from twelve step methods to other faith-centered approaches to treatment.

Opiate Detox Centers

One of the most dangerous and most addictive classes of drugs available today is the opiate. Opiates are available in many shapes and sizes and include heroin, Oxycodone, Roxicontin, opium and a list of other prescription medications known as opioids. Opiate detox centers specialize in helping patients who are addicted to opiates and can provide profound treatment measures to assist the recovering addict in their plight against opiate addiction.

Methadone Detox Centers

Addiction to methadone often results from the prescribed use of this drug either to control chronic pain or to control cravings that result from another opiate addiction. When prescribed for cravings to opiates, methadone treatment is called methadone maintenance therapy. Regardless of why the medication is used, methadone is a highly addictive opiate that leads to extreme physical dependence. Methadone detox centers provide professional medical care to assist those addicted to methadone with their first phase of recovery—detoxification.

Medical Detox Centers

Many hospitals and residential treatment facilities provide medical detox centers as part of their overall treatment regimen. Medical detox centers offer inpatient detoxification services to patients who are already in the treatment facility or who plan on being admitted into treatment following their detoxification. These facilities are usually part of a hospital or residential treatment setting but may also be found in some rehab centers.

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Rapid Detox Centers

A relatively new method of assisting those who are addicted to opiates in overcoming the physical dependence that they suffer from is the rapid detox method. Rapid detox centers are rather controversial because they provide a medical based treatment that promotes detox but they can be unsafe and pose significant risks to the patient. This is because the patient is placed into a medical induced coma for the duration of the detoxification which typically lasts about 72 hours with medications that are administered through an IV.

Free Detox Centers

Some people just can’t afford any type of treatment for their addiction. For those who do not have any method of paying for the treatment provided by a detox center, there is no reason to lose hope. Free detox centers provide a cost effective method of treatment for those who otherwise would not be able to get the help that they need to recover from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Offering a range of services that typically include medications, counseling and other methods of support, free detox centers are the number one choice for those who do not have a job or other assets to assist them in paying for treatment.

Detox Treatment Centers

Detox and treatment centers provide a number of different services that are aimed at assisting individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol in overcoming both the physical and the emotional dependence that they have on these substances so that they can live drug free. While there are many different types of detox and treatment centers, the type of center that will provide the best type of treatment for an individual’s needs will depend on a number of factors including the type of addiction that they suffer from, their own individual health and the presence of dually diagnosed conditions that must also be treated.

Drug Detox Centers

Drug detox centers specialize in providing acute medical care and treatment for those who are addicted to drugs. These facilities offer various medications, natural remedies, holistic care and other treatment methods to help patients overcome physical dependence and to effectively manage withdrawal symptoms during the difficult phase of detoxification. Although detoxification can be rather difficult, especially when detoxing from certain drugs, when the process is undergone at a drug detox center, the recovering addict can rest easy knowing that they are on the right path to recovery.

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