Free Detox Centers

Not everyone can afford treatment for their substance abuse problems and in many cases, the mere inability to pay for detox is what steers people away and causes them to continue to abuse drugs or alcohol. Free detox centers eliminate the gap by providing absolutely free services that are aimed at helping patients to find ways of dealing with their substance abuse problems outside of treatment and they also provide safe and secure services that will effectively help patients to get over physical drug or alcohol dependence.

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Free detox centers will often provide the following services to patients:

Free Detox Centers

Some local churches provide free detox treatment.

Most free detox centers believe that by offering these services at no cost to the patient there is an increased benefit and ability for the patient to continue to get further assistance and help that will keep them off drugs and alcohol. By providing free detox and free counseling to assist those addicted to various substances, free detox centers believe that this will better the community overall as a whole. Many free detox centers are funded by the state, government, local churches or other local organizations.

After an individual has safely detoxed from drugs or alcohol, they can find many other free options to assist them with the support and counseling that is require for them to maintain their recovery. Most free detox centers will help their patients to find additional free services that can be of assistance to them such as job placement, counseling, therapy, and support groups. The idea is not to be too ashamed that an individual cannot afford treatment but rather to accept the fact that they need help and that there is free help available.

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