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Inpatient Detox Centers

There are two primary types of detox centers that most people who become addicted to drugs or alcohol have to choose from–inpatient detox centers and outpatient detox centers. Inpatient detox centers are the type of facility that provides the highest level of medical care and support without the ability for the patient to leave if they feel like the withdrawal symptoms happen to become difficult to handle. For some, this added level of keeping the patient in is exactly what is needed to ensure the absolute safety of the patient without allowing them to relapse.

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Inpatient Detox Centers

Inpatient detox centers provide room and board.

Inpatient detox centers will usually keep patients in by utilizing security, their own self admittance that does not allow for easy dismissal and also a secure facility. Together, these programs provide patients with their best chance at getting clean and staying clean–at least while they are in the treatment center.

During treatment at an inpatient detox center the patient is provided with medications, meals, room and board, counseling in a group and individual setting and various other options to ensure that they can learn how to live without alcohol. When alcohol withdrawal symptoms begin to become a problem, inpatient alcohol detox centers provide medications to assist in the relief of such symptoms and to provide a better chance for those in recovery to heal.

For most people, the greatest starting point when it comes to addiction treatment is to begin at an inpatient detox center. From here, the patient will no longer by physically addicted to drugs or alcohol and they can begin treatment at an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation facility. This will depend on their level of addiction and the type of care that is still required to ensure their complete health and wellness.

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