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Detox Treatment Centers

Thousands of detox and treatment centers can be found in cities and towns throughout the country and around the world. There are even treatment programs that are offered online and support groups that are offered in parks, churches, and other areas. Detox is the most important step in the treatment process because without a proper detox, the patient will still be physically addicted to drugs or alcohol and all the counseling in the world will do very little to help solve the problem until the physical dependence has been completely eliminated. Detox treatment centers provide both drug and alcohol detox as well as treatment for the addiction.

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Detox Treatment Centers

Detox may take place in a hospital setting for severe addictions.

The first step, drug or alcohol detox, consists of taking time, medications and mostly relaxing while the drugs or alcohol take their course. This process could take up to a month or more but in most cases will be completed within about 10 days. After drug and alcohol detox, the patient is ready to get treatment for the remaining backlash of negative effects that have been caused by the drug or alcohol addiction.

Treatment for drug or alcohol addiction consists of a range of different types of therapy and counseling. Behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy and combination therapy such as cognitive-behavioral therapy are all possible during the treatment process. Individual and group counseling is typically provided after detox and such counseling is sometimes even provided during drug or alcohol detox to get groups together to realize that they are not alone in their struggles to overcome this painful and deadly diseases.

Detox treatment centers provide patients with the right tools and support to help them cope with the physical and emotional burdens of their addiction in a positive and effective manner. Through medications and medical intervention, natural and holistic treatments and counseling paired with various types of therapy, patients are able to get past their addiction, get past their mental trauma that caused or resulted from their addiction and get on with their lives.

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