How to Talk to your Teen about Drug or Alcohol Detox

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Talking to your teen about drug use and detox is one of the hardest things that you might have to do. Regardless of whether or not your teen has a drug problem, you still have to make sure that they know their options if they develop a problem. According to the National Library of Medicine, there are ways to talk to your teen to avoid confrontation and convey the information you need to without having an argument.

Learn the Reasons Why your Teen Uses Drugs

Talk to your Teen

Many teens use drugs to fit in. Get them help today!

The best thing to do is to learn the reasons why your teen is using drugs. Sometimes the reasons are correctable and other times you might need to put your teen into detox. Some of the reasons kids use drugs are:

  • boredom
  • peer pressure
  • to seem cool
  • to ease anxiety or pain

When your teen is experiencing any of these things, they need to know help is available during this conversation. You can bring up detox to let them know it is not as bad as it sounds. Tell them most detox programs only last a few weeks and it will help them learn to live without the drugs.

Work it into Regular Conversations

You can work the possibility of a good detox program into regular conversations. If you are watching a program about drugs or detoxes, ask if it is something that your teen might be interested in. You might also want to rent or stream a movie or television show that shows detox in a positive light and watch it with them. Talk to them about their drug use and find out how far the problem has gone.

Contact today. We can help you find the right program for your teen.

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Listen to your Teens Opinions and Thoughts about Drugs and detox

When you talk to your teen about their drug use, listen to them. If they think they have a problem or if you know they do, then explain their options. There are many detox programs that are excellent for teens.

Do Not Talk Down to your Teen

Talking down to your teen is a mistake. The conversation about detox and addiction treatment is hard enough without accusatory language or demanding your teen go to rehab. There are ways to bring up the idea without being threatening or demanding.

Set Rules about Drug Use with Clear Consequences

If your teen refuses to go to detox, make sure that you have clear rules and consequences for your teen to follow. Do not continue to supply your teen’s habit. Let them understand that there are consequences to not going to detox.

Any money you give them could be going to purchase drugs or alcohol. Make sure that they know that detox is something that you want them to go through and that it is the best solution before they ruin their life with an addiction.

Know Where to Get Help

If all else fails know where to get help before it is too late. Talking to your teen is important but if talking doesn’t work you might need a detox center that will take your teen without their permission. To find a treatment center near you call 800-483-2193(Who Answers?). We can help you find the treatment your child needs before it is too late.


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