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Types of Treatment for Crystal Meth Detox


Crystal meth addiction is one of the most powerful addictions that you can have. Many people state that they become addicted after the first time that they use this drug. Going through crystal meth detox and withdrawal is extremely difficult. Fortunately, there are several types of treatment that can help make this a great deal easier.

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The Matrix Model of Treatment

The Matrix Model is a proven method for methamphetamine detox and treatment. It involves a 16 week program that includes a variety of different techniques. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the techniques most commonly used are:

  • behavioral therapy
  • individual counseling
  • group counseling
  • 12 step counseling
  • incentives for not using drugs
  • drug testing

The Matrix Model reduces crystal meth abuse, the risk of relapse, and helps with the psychological symptoms of methamphetamine detoxification.

Motivational Incentives

Crystal Meth Detox

Motivational incentives help patients avoid meth relapse.

The practice of using motivational incentives is a proven one. According to the NIDA, the use of motivational incentives is the practice of using tangible rewards for attending treatment sessions or negative drug tests. These incentives include:

  • extra privileges
  • trips to movies
  • coupons for things
  • vouchers for services
  • other small incentives

Although there are some opponents to this approach it often works well when a person is in the very first stages of treatment, before they have a solid internal reason to quit.

Contingency Management Interventions

Contingency management interventions are similar to motivational incentives only less tangible. These interventions are sometimes a part of outpatient treatment. Therapists, family members, and friends reward the addict for staying in treatment immediately after a positive interaction or negative drug test.

In the case of crystal meth, the immediate reward of a contingency management intervention reprograms the dopamine reward center. It undoes some of the damage that taking crystal meth creates. The rewards can be anything from gifts to family members paying the addicts bills.

New Approaches on the Horizon

Treating stimulant addiction is becoming more important to a variety of scientists and doctors. As the problem of crystal meth addiction grows, so does the need for treatment. A new drug called AV411 is currently being studied as a part of this effort.

Scientists are hoping that AV411 will be similar to methadone treatment for opiate addiction. By inhibiting the methamphetamine inside the brain, it could potentially stop the addiction and the cravings for the drug, particularly during detox.

Another treatment approach is to develop a methamphetamine vaccine of sorts. This treatment will cause the body to produce antibodies that fight the meth in a way that’s similar to the way that the immune system fights an infection. This treatment is just reaching human trials.

How to Find the Crystal Meth Detox Center that is Right for you

With all of the different types of treatment for crystal meth detox, it is important to find the treatment that will work for you. We can help you sort through the different treatments and decide which one works best for your situation. For more information, call 800-996-6135(Who Answers?) .


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