How to Detox Safely from Drugs

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Safe drug detox is not always a possibility unless under the direct medical care of a doctor. If you haven’t detoxed before or if you’ve experienced serious side effects during detox in the past, you should not attempt to detox alone. Knowing how to detox safely from drugs can help you to prepare for the long-term process of recovery.

When an individual is physically dependent on drugs, the body has a burning desire or “need” for the drugs in order to function, feel good and remain comfortable.  Safely detoxing from drugs can be challenging especially if the primary drugs of choice are anything related to opiates such as heroin, prescription painkillers or similar drugs.  Safe detox, though difficult, can be done.

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Importance of a Hospital Setting

Detox Safely

Detoxing in a hospital is the safest way to overcome drug dependence.

In order to safely detox, the individual really should spend time in a hospital setting where there is a medical team who can respond quickly to any eminent dangers or problems that should arise.  Detox can be a painful and difficult process but when the patient is in a hospital setting, he or she can receive adequate care and treatment immediately as needed.

Detoxing in a hospital also removes the patient from the risky possibility of relapsing as a result of being in a place where drugs or alcohol are readily available.  Removal from dangerous situations can help the individual to safely detox from drugs with a reduced risk of relapse.

Past Detox

Detoxing safely from drugs requires patients to recognize dangers that are already known and to prepare accordingly.  For instance, if you have had trouble in the past when detoxing from drugs or if you ever suffered serious side effects during detox, chances are similar side effects could occur again if you must detox from drugs in the future.  It’s important to recognize that drug detox is a serious and dangerous situation that you should not take lightly.

Detoxing Alone

Doctors and treatment professionals warn of the dangers of detoxing from drugs while alone.  The only real safe place to detox is under the supervision of a doctor.  Any type of drug detox that is not monitored by a doctor could be highly dangerous and may lead to potentially fatal results.  It’s important to tell someone that you are trying to detox and preferably, to seek the treatment of a licensed medical professional for your own safety.

Preparation for Long Term Recovery

Safely detoxing from drugs, under the guidance and care of a healthcare professional who can provide you with medical monitoring and appropriate intervention if a problem arises can help you to prepare for the long, and difficult journey to full recovery.  It can take many months or even years to completely recover from drug addiction, but detoxing is the very first step of this process and it’s absolutely necessary that you detox safely.

A treatment professional can provide you with proper medications, vital sign monitoring, support and preventive care to ensure that you have a safe and most comfortable detox.  While there may be bumps in the road and you may have trouble seeing light at the end of the tunnel, you’re in good hands if you detox in a detox center, residential facility or hospital setting.

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