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One of the first considerations when evaluating drug and alcohol treatment, including detox, is the cost. Many people fail to seek treatment because they fear the cost will be prohibitive. But, that isn’t the case. There are a number of ways to manage financing detox and receive top-quality care.

Detox is a standard part of addiction treatment. It is the transitional process that takes you from being acutely inebriated and brings you to a drug- and alcohol-free state. This can be achieved in a number of ways. Popular methods include medical and social detox. The medical model uses medication provided by doctors, nurses, and clinical staff. The social method uses a supportive, non-hospital context instead of meds.

Given the important role detox plays in drug and alcohol treatment, it is important to take advantage of a structured, professional treatment program. When you have cleared your body of drugs and alcohol, you can better focus on other aspects of your recovery.

When you begin to doubt that you can do it, remind yourself that financing doesn’t have to come in a single form. You have many options and what follows should be information that helps you to move forward in your recovery journey.

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Financing Detox

If you lack the means to pay for detox independently, you may want to ask loved ones for assistance.

Detox deals with substance-related disorders, defined as “related to the taking of a drug of abuse (including alcohol), to the side effects of a medication, and to toxin exposure.” The range extends beyond simply clearing the body of drugs, which is why you need professional help.

The first method of financing suggested is paying yourself. If you are worried about financing, however, you probably aren’t in a position to cover your own expenses, or so you think.

Because of the seriousness surrounding your addiction, you may be able to borrow money from family and friends, whose main concern is your recovery. Many people are happy to fund detox if they believe it will help someone they love.

If you can’t get one or even a few people to completely cover the cost, try crowdfunding. There is more than one GoFundMe campaign dedicated to financing drug and alcohol treatment.

One fear associated with borrowing from family and friends is that they may not trust your intentions because you are being controlled by your addiction. Suggest that someone other than you run the campaign or have loved ones donate the money directly to the treatment center.

Rehab Center Financing

You should always inquire about funding at prospective rehab centers. Often, the programs have their own financing or work with a third-party lender. You may be eligible for an affordable lending package. You may be able to pay the money back when you complete treatment and your life is moving in a positive direction.

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If you have a low rate of interest and a high available balance, you may try to pay with a credit card. Beware: if the interest rate is too high, you may end up spending so much more, as you try to pay your balance down. You should also be sure that you can pay it back, so that your credit rating doesn’t take a hit.

Bank Loan

You may take out a personal hardship loan. As with credit cards, be sure that the loan interest rate is low and that the payback terms are kind.

Selling Assets

If you own things with a high value, like a car or a home, you may borrow against them or sell them outright. It is hard to part with possessions, but it is possible to use them to finance detox and subsequent treatment and that should be your focus. Look forward to your life in recovery and know that your present sacrifices will be rewarded in your future.


Often, insurance does not cover detox. However, most centers will accept insurance payments, if it is a possibility. So, be sure to check with your insurance. Medicaid and Medicare often have coverage for various aspects of drug and alcohol treatment.

Don’t let fear of funding prevent you from getting the help you deserve. Call our helpline at 800-483-2193(Who Answers?) and let out experts help you find a detox center and learn about financing options. Call today!

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