How to Pay for Drug Detox

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, as drug abuse becomes more recognized as an illness, more funding options open up. Once you made the decision to enter into addiction treatment cost should not stop you from obtaining the treatment that you need and want. There are many programs that can help pay for drug detox.

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Government Programs

There are rehabs that the government funds. They offer free or reduced cost services to people who need them. They generally have you fill out an income verification form before entering the rehab and then base the price off what you make. Many times government funded rehabs offer free services for those who need them despite income. It all depends on the rehab.

Sliding Scale Fees

Pay for Drug Detox

12 step programs rely on donations, making them an affordable treatment method.

Some rehabs offer sliding scale fees for their services. They take a financial affidavit before you enter the facility. This financial affidavit determines how much you will pay. Usually it is based off a percentage of what you make and what you own. Unlike government funded rehabs these are more likely to be private rehabs with more amenities than the strictly government funded ones. Each sliding scale rehab has their own percentages that they base their fees off and there is very little standardization.

Rehab For Work

Rehab for work centers are rare unless they are religious based. You work on a farm or other establishment in return for your addiction treatment. These places are usually isolated from cities and other high population areas.

Free Programs

Some rehabs operate off donations. These programs are free of charge. Usually they are not full service rehabs and often have other drawbacks depending on the type of rehab. Some only offer counseling while others only offer medication replacement or management.

Religious Programs

There are religious rehabs for those who belong to a particular religion. Although they do not turn other religions away, they often have services that you have to attend in order to continue treatment.

12 Step Programs

12 step programs are self-funded. They rely on the donations that they receive from members but donations are not immediately required. Many 12 step programs are spiritually based and therefore require some form of belief to be effective. There are 12 step programs for almost all of the different addictions and there are no requirements other than the desire to quit using the substance.

Health Insurance

Do not discount your health insurance when seeking drug treatment. Most of the current insurance companies offer coverage for drug treatment. Review your policy carefully because not all treatments or treatment centers are covered. If you are unsure you can always speak to your insurance agent directly. Insurance will cover all or part of your drug treatment depending on the treatment, your policy limitations, and the treatment center you choose.

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