Your Detox Questions Answered

Making the decision to get sober can be a scary one. People tell stories and you hear rumors, but you don’t know what’s true. You may have hundreds of questions and not know where to turn. And if you do need detox, the whole process can be confusing.

Instead of getting lost in the shuffle, here are the most common detox questions and the answers you’re looking for.

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Do I Need Detox?

Detox Questions

If you experience withdrawal when you stop using drugs, you need detox treatment.

You may not know if you need detox to get into drug and alcohol addiction treatment, and some people say you always need it while others say only IV drug users should go. Here’s the truth about who needs detox: If you go through withdrawal when you stop using drugs or alcohol and you’re currently using, then you need detox.

This is especially true if you’re using heroin, prescription pain pills, alcohol, or benzodiazepines like Valium or Xanax. These drugs have cause severe withdrawal symptoms and some of them can be life threatening. Yet in detox, your withdrawal symptoms are monitored by medical staff and prescription medication may be available to help you deal with the uncomfortable side effects of drug or alcohol withdrawal.

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How Long Does Detox Take?

Depending on the drugs you’re using, how much you’re using, and how long you’ve been using, the length of detox and withdrawal vary. Most people are done with the immediate, physical effects of withdrawal within three to five days, and they therefore stay in detox anywhere from five to seven.

Detox is designed to get you safely through the symptoms of withdrawal and is not a form of addiction treatment. It is not recommended to return home after detox, but typically to participate in a residential treatment program from a minimum of 28 days. If you can stay 90 days or more, even better.

Treatment for less than 90 days is of limited effectiveness.

Is Detox Dangerous?

It can be. Withdrawal from opiates such as heroin and pain pills can cause seizures, while both alcohol and benzodiazepine withdrawal can be fatal in extreme cases. Regardless of the drug, withdrawal is uncomfortable and few people manage to get through it on their own. But with detox, the success rate of making it through withdrawal significantly increases, and gets you started on the road to recovery.

What Can Make Me More Comfortable During Detox?

Detoxing at a drug and alcohol detox or treatment center is always more comfortable—and safer—than detoxing at home. There’s staff to monitor your symptoms and help you with what you need. Aside from the amenities and safety protocols in place, medical interventions can also be given. These may include methadone, Suboxone, or Librium, which reduce the symptoms and cravings people experience during withdrawal. Meditation, yoga, and biofeedback have also shown to help make people more comfortable during detox.

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