Reasons to Detox From Oxycodone in a Detox Center

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If you are addicted to oxycodone, you might be considering detoxing alone. This is an extremely bad idea. Many things can go wrong when you detox from oxycodone alone. Fortunately, there are many benefits to going through withdrawal at a detox center. You do not have to do it alone.

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Medical Detox

One of the main benefits of going to a detox center for oxycodone addiction is the medical assistance that you receive. According to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, there are several drugs available for detox from oxycodone, heroin, and other opiates. Some of these drugs are:

  • buprenorphine
  • methadone
  • Suboxone

Each of these drugs is designed to stop opiate withdrawal and help you deal with the cravings. During medical detox doctors and staff members monitor your symptoms carefully. They are there to make sure your detox is safe. To find a safe place to detox all you have to do is call 866-351-3840(Who Answers?) .


Detox from Oxycodone

A detox center can help you overcome oxycodone addiction for good!

When you are in a detox center there is a lot of support around you. The support comes in the form of:

  • doctors
  • nurses
  • counselors
  • your peers

They each can help you in a different way. Opiate detox is one of the worst drug detoxes you can go through. You will need the established support structure to help you through it.


According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, counseling and behavioral treatments help addicts in treatment and detox:

  • by showing them how to deal with stress
  • teaching them ways to function without the oxycodone
  • deal with cravings and the symptoms of withdrawal
  • deal with triggers
  • handle things if you relapse

In a detox center you can begin counseling almost immediately. Usually the faster you begin counseling, the faster you can start to leave the drugs behind you.

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You won’t Have Access to Drugs During the Detox

During a normal detox program, you have less access to drugs than you would if you were not in a detox program. During a detox it is very easy to relapse back into oxycodone use. The symptoms of withdrawal are very severe and painful. It is difficult to keep from using when oxycodone will make these symptoms go away.

Positive Influences

During a professional oxycodone detox you are in a positive environment. The staff, counselors, and other professionals are there to help you remain positive and make positive decisions about your life, health and treatment. The positive influence helps to make drug detox just a little bit easier.

More Treatment Options

When you detox without a drug treatment center, your options are very limited. When you go to a detox center you will find more treatment options such as:

  • inpatient and outpatient treatment
  • holistic detox
  • 12 step programs
  • group and individual counseling
  • medical treatment for other illnesses including chronic pain and mood disorders

These treatment options are what make up a successful recovery effort.

How to Find an Oxycodone Detox Facility

Finding an oxycodone detox facility is not difficult. For more information or to find a treatment center that works for you, call 866-351-3840(Who Answers?) . We can help you detox in comfort and safety.


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