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15 Changes that Happen when you Detox from Alcohol


According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, dependence on alcohol makes profound physical, social, and psychological changes. Most of these changes are not permanent and you can see the positive effects when you detox from alcohol shortly after you stop drinking.

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1. You Experience Less Anxiety

Once the initial detox period is over your anxiety levels go down. Your body will stop craving alcohol and therefore won’t start an anxious response when you do not have alcohol on hand.

2. You Might Experience Depression

Among the positive effects, there are some negatives, one of them is depression during and after detox. Depression is also the cause of alcoholism so it is difficult to identify if the drinking causes the depression or the depression causes the drinking.

3. Your Liver Starts to Heal Itself

Almost immediately after detox your liver starts to regenerate, getting rid of the fat and damaged cells it picked up during your drinking.

4. Your Sleep Wake Cycle will go Back to Normal

Detox from Alcohol

Over time, your sleep schedule will improve after detoxing from alcohol.

When you are dependent on alcohol to put you to sleep, normal sleep wake cycle is interrupted. It gradually returns to normal.

5. Your Friends will No Longer Dread your Drinking

When you are a chronic alcoholic, your friends start to dread when you take that first drink. When you are sober they will stop being wary of you while you are out and socializing.

6. Your Family will Start to Identify with you Again

The family relationships distorted by your alcoholism start to mend themselves when your family realizes that you are no longer drunk constantly.

7. Your Immune System will Improve

One of the things that chronically drinking does to your body is weakens your immune system. When you stop drinking your immune system starts to respond to pathogens more quickly.

8. You won’t be Nauseous Anymore

The constant nausea both when you are drinking and when you are not drinking stops after not drinking. The damage to your stomach starts to repair itself.

9. You will No Longer Dread the Next Morning

Whether it is not remembering the next morning or feeling ill when the alcohol leaves your body, you will stop dreading waking up.

10. You will Stop Worrying About Where your Next Drink will Come From

This is one of the largest sources of anxiety. Many people get anxious when they do not have a ready supply of alcohol to rely on.

11. You won’t Wake up Wondering what you Did the Night Before

You will stop immediately going over what you regret from the day or night before while you were drinking.

12. No More Black Outs

You won’t wake up in places that you don’t remember or with people you do not know.

13. You won’t have to Worry About Brain Damage Anymore

Alcohol induced dementia is a very real condition wholes likelihood decreases when you stop drinking.

14. Your Concentration will Improve

Both on and off alcohol your concentration is impaired while you are still drinking heavily or daily. When you stop drinking this will also stop.

15. Your Life will Get Better

Many aspects of your life improve when you detox from alcohol. You will have more time, more energy, and more motivation to do the things that you enjoy doing.

To experience these benefits all you have to do is quit drinking. This is difficult to do on your own. Fortunately, we can help. For more information, call us at 800-996-6135(Who Answers?) .


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