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How to Detox from Alcohol

For the alcoholic, many different options exist to assist in the alcohol detoxification process. The way that an addict chooses to detox from alcohol is entirely up to them but some of the most common options include help from an inpatient alcohol detox center, help from an outpatient alcohol detox center and alcohol detox at home. Regardless of the type of alcohol detox that is chosen, the basic foundation for any type of alcohol detox will be the sameā€”take the time to allow the alcohol withdrawal symptoms to take course and rest until you feel better.

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Inpatient Alcohol Detox Centers

Detox from Alcohol

Inpatient detox centers are the most effective at helping patients overcome alcoholism.

Some facilities provide around-the-clock medical care and supervision to ensure that the recovering addict is safe and cannot access alcohol in any way. This type of care is provided at inpatient alcohol detox centers which are often found in hospital-like settings, residential settings and in treatment centers throughout the country. During this type of alcohol detox, the patient will be provided with a place to stay where they have no access to alcohol. They will be monitored regularly to ensure their physical and psychological well-being and in some cases will be prescribed medications to reduce anxiety, alleviate withdrawal symptoms and help the overall detoxification process to run more smoothly. Inpatient alcohol detox centers are the recommended method of alcohol detox for anyone who is heavily addicted to alcohol or who has abused alcohol for a very long time.

Outpatient Alcohol Detox Centers

Similar to the treatment that is provided at inpatient alcohol detox centers, outpatient alcohol detox centers also provide prescribed medications and care but the monitoring and supervision is not offered around-the-clock. These programs do provide limited monitoring through random alcohol testing such as through swab tests or other random testing services. The recovering addict will have to abstain from alcohol when they are at home without being monitored around-the-clock and it is advisable to have at least one other individual with the addict at all times to ensure both their safety during the alcohol detoxification process and to ensure their abstinence from alcohol.

Detox from Alcohol at Home

Although not recommended by most doctors or treatment specialists, alcohol detox at home is another way to detox from alcohol. There are many dangers with alcohol detox at home mostly associated with the risk of relapse and the risk of complications associated with withdrawal symptoms. For an individual who abuses alcohol on a mild to moderate basis, there is a chance that alcohol detox at home can work and be safe but for all others, it is recommended that the time be taken to attend an inpatient or outpatient alcohol detox center for the safety of the alcoholic.

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