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Alcohol Detox Programs

For individuals who are addicted to alcohol, the need for a specialized alcohol detox program to assist them with the detoxification process from the very first days on through to the final days when they can begin treatment for psychological addiction is often very much in demand. Alcohol detox programs specialize in providing various types of medical care, medications and social support to assist patients through the alcohol detoxification process. The recovering addict gains social support throughout the entire detoxification process when they receive the assistance and medical care of an alcohol detox center and this care is unsurpassed in helping patients to overcome physical alcohol dependence in preparation for long term psychological counseling and therapy.

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Choosing an Alcohol Detox Program

With so many alcohol detox programs available, it can be difficult to choose the best program for your individual needs. Choosing an alcohol detox program takes knowledge and effort on your part because you have to know what your options are, you have to know how each alcohol detoxification program differs and can benefit you and you must be able to make a solid decision. Because the decision will impact every aspect of your recovery effort, you will want to consider the following factors before you finalize your choice:

  • Your location and the location of the detox center
  • The amount you can afford for treatment and the cost of the detox center as well as the acceptance of any forms of insurance and whether you have that insurance or not
  • The length of the detoxification program and how this affects you (keep in mind that if you are not completely rid of physical dependence when you exit the detox center there is an increased risk of relapse occurring—this risk goes up if you do not attend psychological counseling and therapy)
  • The effectiveness of the detoxification program (if you are not sure about how effective a program is—ask!)

Some of the types of alcohol detox programs that you can expect to hear about include:

Holistic Alcohol Detox

alcohol detox programs

Holistic detox treats the entire person; mind, body and spirit.

A holistic alcohol detoxification program will use various methods of traditional medicine as well as alternative treatments to help the patient heal on more levels than one. The patient will be looked at as a whole who suffers from more than just an addiction and therefore, treatment will be provided for all aspects of the individual—mind, body, soul, spirit and emotional well-being. This method of holistic treatment can be very effective at helping patients to detox from alcohol because it does not place the focus on just the addict but rather on the underlying reasons that the individual started drinking, the health issues that the patient suffers from and the presence of any psychological disorders.

Natural Alcohol Detox

Natural methods of overcoming the physical dependence that an individual has on alcohol include herbal treatments, exercise and nutritional meals that promote cleansing. Many natural alcohol detox centers provide patients with more than just herbal remedies to promote cleansing or to reduce the withdrawal symptoms—they also offer extreme emotional support to help boost the confidence of the patient while they undergo the difficult process of alcohol detox. Not everyone is a good candidate for natural alcohol detox. Those who suffer from other health conditions or who have extreme withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking may be at an increased risk of seizure or convulsions and should not attempt natural alcohol detox.

Inpatient Alcohol Detox

For the most support, the most monitoring and the most effective alcohol detox, inpatient programs offer patients with everything they need to recover from alcoholism. All you have to do is bring yourself and your willingness to recover—the rest is already waiting at an inpatient alcohol detox program where patients receive housing and board for the duration of time that they are in the detox center. Meals, activities, medications and monitoring are all provided at inpatient alcohol detox centers where patients can focus 100% of their time and efforts on one thing and one thing only—detox!

Outpatient Alcohol Detox

People who become only mildly addicted to alcohol may not yet need the extensive therapy and treatment that is provided at outpatient alcohol detox centers. Individuals who have not been drinking alcohol for a long time or who only sometimes use alcohol can get the right level of support and care from an outpatient alcohol detox program which provides monitoring and support to patients without the restrictions of an inpatient facility. Unlike inpatient alcohol detox programs, outpatient alcohol detox programs do not provide housing or meals but they do offer support, medications, medical intervention and various other services that can be of benefit to the recovering addict.

Private Alcohol Detox

Although there are always patient privacy laws in place to ensure that the recovering addict is not violated in any manner when they enter into a detoxification facility, some alcohol detox programs offer unsurpassed levels of privacy that others just can’t provide. These private alcohol detox programs are ideal for those who really just can’t afford to have their information leaked or who just really don’t want the burden of worrying about what others are going to think about them entering into treatment. Private alcohol detox programs allow recovering addicts to undergo detoxification from alcohol without the heavy burden of being around others.

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