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Rapid Detox Centers

A rather controversial method of detoxification that is used for the treatment of opiate addiction is called rapid detox. Rapid detox centers provide patients with a hospital like setting where they enter into a medical treatment that is said to have them completely detoxed in a matter of 3 days without all of the painful withdrawal symptoms that typically come with opiate detox. While this method of opiate detox may sound good, there are many risks and dangers associated with rapid detoxification.

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Rapid Detox

Rapid detox centers place patients into a medically-induced coma.

Rapid detox centers place their patients into medically induced comas and pump a range of medications through the patient during the detoxification process. While in a coma, patients will not feel the extreme physical withdrawal symptoms that they go through over a period of 24-72 hours. Unfortunately, anytime a patient is put into a medically induced coma there are inherent dangers and risks–even when there is a doctor performing the procedure.

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Rapid detox centers do not typically provide follow-up care or any type of counseling services which is another place where these detox centers fall short of providing ideal and effective treatment. Rapid detox centers can help a patient to overcome physical dependence on alcohol or drugs but it’s important that any and all patients who seek such treatment understand the dire need to get additional counseling and treatment for their psychological elements of addiction in order to actually recover in a full manner.

Controversial Treatment

Rapid detox centers provide a rather controversial treatment that is either accepted or rejected by most detox center specialists and doctors.  Because the patient is placed into a medically induced coma while they undergo detox during rapid opiate detox, there is a high risk of the patient dying or suffering severe brain trauma which is what makes this type of detox so controversial.  The benefits of rapid opiate detox centers are primarily focused around the ability for these centers to help patients completely overcome physical dependence in a matter of hours or days versus weeks.

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