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What are Rapid Opiate Detox Centers?


According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, detox is one of the reasons why some addicts fail to seek treatment. The unpleasant symptoms and discomfort associated with withdrawal is extremely discouraging to some people and often leads to relapse. Fortunately, there is a new treatment available that allows you to detox from some addictions without feeling these symptoms. A rapid opiate detox center is a hospital that performs this rapid detox procedure. Normally a rapid detox center is fully equipped to handle any medical emergency that might come up during the detox procedure.

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What is Rapid Detox?

Rapid detox is a procedure to help you overcome the detoxification portion of addiction treatment. A physician puts you under anesthesia or sedation and then administers medications that clean the drugs out of your body. Since you are sedated or under anesthesia, you do not feel the withdrawal symptoms as dramatically as you would without it.

Who is a Candidate for Rapid Detox?

Rapid Opiate Detox

Rapid detox centers are staffed with medical professionals, trained specifically to aid in your recovery.

Not everyone is a good candidate for rapid detox. Many people do not qualify due to health conditions or mental illness. Those who are good candidates for rapid detox are:

• unable to stop using with other methods,
• are physically healthy,
• are on a drug that detoxing is particularly unpleasant or dangerous such as

• those who need to be hospitalized because of their addiction,
• those who are anxious about withdrawal.

People who are ill, have other physical and mental problems, or have issues with anesthesia are not good candidates for rapid detox.

What are the Benefits of Rapid Opiate Detox?

The primary benefit of rapid opiate detox is that you do not have to experience withdrawal. Some types of withdrawal are just unpleasant, while others are deadly. Rapid detox removes the risks and discomfort of suffering through withdrawal.

Another benefit of rapid detox is its speed. You go through withdrawal while you are under sedation. This takes approximately a full day, where typical detox can take as much as two weeks. You do not miss as much time at work or school as you would using traditional methods.

You also can start the recovery portion of your addiction treatment much sooner than you can with traditional methods. Most people who go through traditional detox do not start true counseling and recovery until the drug is out of their system.

What are the Risks of Rapid Detox?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, rapid detox may not be easier than traditional detox.

There are also risks associated with rapid detox, these risks are:

• risks associated with anesthesia and sedation
• carries the same health risks as major surgery
• heart failure or respiratory failure during anesthesia
• a higher relapse rate than some other methods

Where to Look for a Rapid Detox Center

Not every rehab center is equipped for rapid detox. When searching for a rapid detox treatment program it is important to ask if the facility you are considering is certified for the procedure. For information on rapid detox facilities near you call us at 800-996-6135(Who Answers?) .

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