Natural Drug Detox

Detoxification is the process by which your body transitions from acute intoxication to completely free of drugs. Depending upon the drug and the degree of intoxication and regular use, this can be a fairly difficult process. In many cases, medication is used to help ease or counteract the symptoms of withdrawal. However, some people view replacing drugs with drugs to run contrary to their notion of detox. For these people, natural drug detox may be an option worth pursuing.

Natural drug detox uses a variety of holistic approaches to help you through your detox from drugs and alcohol. Generally, these techniques enhance the body’s existing natural processes to remove toxins from its system.

For example, patients using natural detox are asked to consume more water to flush the system. Using meals, exercise, and other natural remedies should provide withdrawal relief and speed up the detox process.

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All detox programs are designed to help you deal with withdrawal, which can be quite severe. Natural drug detox does this by using alternative medicine to rid your body of the toxic build-up created by your drug or alcohol use. But, it also works to remove other toxins as well.


One common component of natural detox is acupuncture, the process by which specific points on the body are stimulated by the insertion of tiny needles. This may sound scary, but the process is surprisingly pain-free. Research actually shows that acupuncture is a reliable treatment for pain and this can help with the discomfort of drug and alcohol withdrawal.

Additionally, electroacupuncture, a form of acupuncture in which electrical stimulation is channeled into the needles, has proven helpful with both alcohol cravings and opioid withdrawal. Preliminary evidence shows that it affects chemicals in the brain, which counteracts addiction.

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Diet is an important component of all types of natural detox. Drug addiction takes a toll on the body, damaging stressed tissue and depleting vitamins and minerals.

Many people actually find themselves malnourished when their focus is on drugs lone, rather than on maintaining the health of their body. A malnourished body is more likely to suffer from withdrawal.

A detox diet will focus on limiting dietary toxins found in many processed foods and restoring nutritional balance through fresh, healthy meals with a focus on natural, organic, and local ingredients.

Holistic Drug Treatment

Natural Drug Detox

Mindfulness meditation can help you cope with detox symptoms.

Although detox is not considered drug and alcohol addiction treatment in and of itself, it is often considered an important precursor to treatment. Proper detox will properly asses you, treat you, and, then, urge you to seek treatment. Natural detox is most often associated with holistic drug treatment. During this form of detox, your body will be free of all medical toxins and the process will focus on practicing proper diet and exercise to reach optimum health.

Holistic drug treatment aims to treat the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. In order to do this, treatment methods often include outdoor activities, like hiking or biking; mindfulness training, like meditation and yoga; alternative mental health services, like art therapy or music therapy; and organic, natural meal plans with a focus on healthy eating.

In fact, an article in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs identified the following types of holistic treatment: “dance/movement therapy, Tai Chi, art therapy, leisure and recreational skills, spiritual growth and development, cultural awareness and appreciation, vocational services, psychiatric care and physical health.”

Inpatient programs are typically set in natural surroundings, allowing participants to connect with mother nature.

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