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How Can I Find Free Detox Centers?

Free detox centers can be found easily with a little bit of research and knowing who to ask. If you are fighting drug dependence, a detox center could be incredibly beneficial to you. And for many individuals in this situation, paying for treatment can be extremely difficult. Look for a free detox center with these tips, and you can be free of your dependence on drugs and alcohol. Just remember that, if you are addicted to a substance, “medically assisted detoxification is only the first stage of addiction treatment and by itself does little to change long-term drug abuse” (NIDA).

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Do Free Detox Centers Exist?

Free detox centers, like free substance abuse treatment centers, do exist but it can sometimes be difficult to find them if you are not sure where to look. According to SAMHSA, four percent of all substance abuse treatment facilities in 2008 were completely free to patients and a much larger number were partially free or could be paid for on a sliding fee scale.

Free detox centers exist much in the same way. And many free substance abuse treatment facilities begin treatment with detox for patients who are still dependent on drugs and/or alcohol. These facilities are, for the most part, run by nonprofit organizations that are working to help individuals who do not have the monetary funds to attend more expensive treatment. This situation is common of individuals who have abused and become addicted to drugs and alcohol because, often, all of their money goes to their habit.

How Can I Find a Free Detox Center?

If you are looking for treatment at a free detox center, finding one locally is usually a good choice. This way, you have more knowledge of the area, know more people who can help you find a beneficial facility, and have the ability to attend treatment without the expense of traveling. There are many ways of finding free detox centers near you.

  • Research and check Internet databases and directories.
  • Ask your doctor.
  • Go to a community outreach center or free clinic.
  • Go to your local government office.
  • Enlist the help of your friends and family members.

Any of these options could be good avenues for information about local free detox centers. Of course, some individuals will need to leave their immediate area for the right kind of facility, but this can be more costly as it involves relocation and travel expenses. Free detox centers do exist, often within substance abuse treatment centers, and finding them can be done with the help of any or all of these options.

Internet Directories

Checking Internet databases and directories is one of the best and most accessible ways of finding free detox centers near you. At, facilities are broken up by state, then city, then one or more facilities may be listed for each area with a map and phone number. If you decide you are interested in a facility listed here, call and ask these questions:

  • Do you provide free detox treatment to patients addicted to and/or dependent on: alcohol, opioids, stimulants, benzodiazepines, inhalants, or another kind of substance?
  • If so, what are the requirements a patient must meet to qualify for free treatment?
  • Is your facility an inpatient or outpatient facility?
  • How long does the treatment regimen typically last?
  • What are the treatments available at your facility?
  • Does your detox facility cater to a specific group of individuals (religious, women, patients with co-occurring mental disorders, etc.)?
  • If your facility is not free, what are the payment options?

Anything else that may be crucial to you as a patient is important to ask here. If you find a facility you believe you will like, tour it first before going in for treatment.


Free Detox Centers

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Your doctor is a good source for help when you are looking for free detox centers in your area. There may be facilities that you do not know of which they do, especially because they could have had patients ask the same questions before. Consider the possibilities given to you by your doctor and, if a facility seems like one which might suit your needs, call and ask whatever questions you may have. Doctors are very helpful when it comes to finding the right facility because they know your medical history and, usually, the area and its different treatment centers well.

Community Center

Community centers often have support group meetings in the building on certain days. The same can be said of churches. Asking the staff or waiting for the individuals in the support group to have a meeting are both possible options, and you may be able to find out new information about particular facilities. Asking around at a community outreach center or even a church support group meeting can allow you to find out how individuals who actually attended specific detox centers liked them. In addition, many will know which detox centers are free.

Free Clinic

Free clinics have staff members who know about these facilities as well, especially because they would have recommended them to other individuals before. They will likely know the less expensive, local facilities and may even have flyers or other information about them. Stopping in at a free clinic and talking to the staff is one of the best ways to find free detox centers in your area.

Local Government Office

Going to your local government office and talking to the employees could also allow you to find out about more free detox facilities. Since many of the organizations that run these facilities are nonprofit, they may receive government assistance in order to help pay for the facility, which means that government employees can sometimes know about these particular free detox centers.

As stated by SAMHSA, “Detoxification seeks to minimize the physical harm caused by the abuse of substances.” This is why it is usually the very first step in substance abuse treatment. For many individuals, detox is necessary, and while it can be expensive, there are many ways to find free detox centers near you.

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