5 Marijuana Detox Tips

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Detoxing from marijuana is a safe, effective and necessary process that must take place if you want to overcome marijuana addiction. While it can be challenging and you may feel like you just don’t want to go another day without smoking pot, following these helpful marijuana detox tips will help you to remain abstinent and to stay sober. Just remember, the withdrawal symptoms that you’re feeling will not last forever—in a few weeks you’ll feel much better!

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Stay Focused

Keep yourself focused on the fact that the symptoms you are feeling will not last forever and that in time you will feel much better. According to Marijuana Anonymous, “loss of concentration for the first week or month is very common and this sometimes affects the ability to learn for a very short while.” If you’re having trouble focusing in the early days of marijuana detox, keep this in mind as you focus on the idea that it will not be forever.

Get Active

Marijuana Detox Tips

Eating well can help keep your body healthy while detoxing from marijuana.

Staying active can help you in marijuana detox in a number of ways. First, it will help you to eliminate toxins from the body as they are essentially sweated out. Another way that getting active can help you is in the sense that it will allow you to focus your time on things other than on smoking pot. Taking your mind off of the detox and placing your thoughts into a hobby, exercise or activity will help you to pass the time.

Eat Well

Diet and nutrition are important elements of recovery and can greatly help to improve your health during detox. While you may not feel hungry right away, it’s important to eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables during marijuana detox. Don’t avoid eating just because you don’t feel good.

Find Support

A support group such as Marijuana Anonymous or the support of a treatment professional, friends or family can go a long way in helping you to maintain abstinence during marijuana detox. The support that you find will be useful in your entire recovery as you learn new ways of overcoming cravings and coping with the stressful situations in life in which you would normally want to otherwise smoke pot.

Drink Fluids

During marijuana detox, drink plenty of fluids each day to help your body adjust to life without THC. Water is ideal but you can also drink fruit juices, teas and other beverages to aid in the detoxification process. Certain herbal teas can help to promote healthy detoxification and may even help you to overcome withdrawal symptoms more quickly.

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