Detoxing from Marijuana

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Although marijuana is widely regarded as not addictive, this is not true. Marijuana fits all of the criteria for physical and mental addiction. Even though the physical symptoms of the addiction are mild, the psychological symptoms can be extremely destructive. These symptoms make detoxing from marijuana in a treatment program important.

Learning how to detox from marijuana is really the only way you can get away from the drug. This is much easier when you are in a detox center. In order to learn how you need to find a reason, learn to deal with withdrawal, and seek supportive treatment.

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Find your Reason

Detoxing from Marijuana

Finding a reason to detox from marijuana will motivate you to succeed.

In order to get off marijuana, you need to find a reason to. Finding a reason to be marijuana free is one of the most important steps to detoxing from the drug. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, some of the reasons you should get off marijuana are:

  • marijuana destroys relationships with friends and family
  • it lowers overall satisfaction with life
  • it is difficult to keep a job when you are on marijuana
  • marijuana users have a higher incidence of mental health issues
  • marijuana users have poorer overall health

Learn to Deal with the Symptoms of Withdrawal

When you are addicted to marijuana, you will go through withdrawal. Part of learning to deal with these symptoms is recognizing them. The normal symptoms of marijuana withdrawal are:

  • aggression
  • abdominal pain
  • shaking
  • chills
  • headaches
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • changes in sleeping or eating patterns
  • general restlessness

Although these symptoms are not particularly dangerous, they can be very severe. They can also prompt you to start using marijuana again. According to the journal Current Opinion in Psychiatry, this is called marijuana withdrawal syndrome. Like many other drugs, marijuana changes and binds to receptors in the brain. When you are without the drug it causes this syndrome.

By learning to deal with them, you can stop the majority of them. You learn to deal with these withdrawal symptoms through counseling and supportive medication during a comprehensive detox program.

Supportive Treatment

There are other things that detox centers do to help ease the symptoms of marijuana withdrawal. A few of these things are:

  • taking potassium
  • drinking plenty of water
  • eating a nutritious diet
  • cranberry juice can be helpful and is still used by some detox facilities
  • eliminate caffeine if you experience tremors

While in a detox facility, you will receive many of these treatments along with medications to help with the symptoms of withdrawal.

Finding Treatment for Marijuana Withdrawal

One of the best ways to answer the question how to detox from marijuana is through a qualified detox and treatment facility. Marijuana withdrawal syndrome can be a very large problem, particularly if you are having difficulty dealing with the psychological effects of withdrawal. To find a qualified detox center call 800-483-2193(Who Answers?). We can help.


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