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How to Detox Naturally from Alcohol

To detox naturally from alcohol is not always a safe option and could actually do more harm than good. Talk with a treatment professional or your doctor before attempting any method of alcohol detox and consider the safety measures afforded by detoxing in a residential treatment setting. Diet and exercise can help to promote a safe detox but should not take the place of medication if such is needed.

The decision to get well and stop drinking is challenging all in itself, then the withdrawal symptoms set in!  Attempting to detoxify the body from the negative effects of alcohol can take time, may take a toll on you and could pose serious health threats if you are unprepared for the possibility of dangerous withdrawal symptoms and side effects.  If you’re wondering how to detox naturally from alcohol, consider the fact that natural alcohol detox is not always a safe option and it could actually pose serious risks to your health.

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It’s important to talk with a treatment professional or to your doctor before you attempt to detox.  Alcohol detox can be dangerous and may lead to serious withdrawal symptoms such as heart attack, stroke or even death.  It’s important that you consider the safety measures afforded by detoxing in a residential treatment setting before making an quick decision to detox alone, at home or without proper medical care.

The Role of Diet & Exercise

Detox Naturally

Exercise can help flush out toxins more quickly.

Detoxing naturally from alcohol can be done in some cases, but there is often a need for medical intervention to ensure the safety of the patient.  If heart rate fluctuates, anxiety goes through the roof, the patient suffers from hallucinations or any other serious side effects associated with alcohol withdrawal occur, a medical provider will administer medications to help reduce symptoms and to stabilize the patient for his or her own safety.

Diet and exercise can help to reduce the amount of time that it takes to safely detox from alcohol by promoting healthy cleansing and removal of toxins from the body.  Soup, juice, tea and similar liquids all work to flush toxins out and keep the body clean and hydrated during alcohol detox.  Even if nausea or vomiting are occurring, it’s important to do your best to ingest even small but regular doses of liquids to keep the body healthy and hydrated during this difficult time.

Vitamin B Supplements

Once you have stabilized enough to be able to take a supplement and keep it down, a vitamin B-complex supplement can help aid in the overall process of alcohol detoxification.  Vitamin B helps to combat many of the problems associated with withdrawal while also assisting in the prevention of disease.  It can:

  • Boost energy
  • Reduce headaches associated with withdrawal
  • Reduce mental fogginess
  • Return the brain to normal functioning
  • Reduce anxiety and depression

There are other supplements that may be taken during alcohol detox to help promote internal health and healing but Vitamin B-Complex is one of the best.  If you can’t take a B-Complex individually, consider taking a daily multi-vitamin in addition to eating well rounded meals complete with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for the best, healthiest and most natural alcohol detox you can get.

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