I won’t Go: How to Get a Parent into Drug or Alcohol Detox

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug addiction is a disease. One that affects millions of people around the world. The traditional child addicted to drugs concept no longer applies. Addicts are wives, sons, daughters, and yes, even parents. Gone are the days of simply ignoring an addiction or sweeping it under the rug. There are many treatments for addiction and ways to take advantage of them. If you have a parent addicted to drugs, there are ways to help them seek drug or alcohol detox treatment.

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Talking to Your Parent

It seems simple but talking to your parent should be your first step in getting them into treatment. There are a few things that you might remember while talking to you parent. These are:

  • get them in a comfortable environment
  • make sure they are not high or drunk at the time
  • make sure that they are not busy or stressed at the time
  • schedule a time to sit down with your parent
  • make sure that your parent is relaxed
  • take your time in doing it

Remember just because they are your parent does not mean they are not frightened or upset. Make sure that they are calm when you talk to them.

Expect Resistance

Alcohol Detox

Expect resistance when you first mention the idea of detox to your parent.

Drug use inspires resistance and anger. When you challenge an addicts preconceptions and addiction, you are challenging a part of them that they hold secret and sometimes sacred. Expect them to resist the idea of detox and treatment. You need to remember that you are testing their ideas and habits. This is one of the hardest things for them to face.

When you meet resistance, remind them that you love them and always will love them. This is an important reminder because when you are an addict you feel unloved or unwanted, particularly when you are confronting them about their drug use. People who are addicts often have persecution complexes. They feel as if everyone is out to get them and you need to make them feel welcomed and cared for.

Ask them why

Asking them why they do drugs is a good way to understand what happened to cause them to turn to drugs instead of a more constructive option. The answer might be as simple as they were in pain or it could be a complex story. Make sure that you listen to their answer it is extremely important to understand them, if you are going to convince them to get treatment.

Do Not Judge Them

The worst feeling is the feeling that someone is judging you. Asking why should not be a judgment of their reasons. Remember that addiction is a complex physiological process, not an immoral choice. It is a disease, not a choice.

Find a Treatment Center that Works for Both of you

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