Types of Drug Detox Centers

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There are many types of detox centers available depending on the drug you are detoxing from.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, detox or withdrawal is a major part of recovering from drug addiction.

It is also one of the most unpleasant. The type of detox center you choose depends on your need and individual preference.

Rapid Detox Centers

Rapid detox centers are relatively new and some of the procedures are considered controversial. This drug detox normally done in a hospital setting in one or two sessions. You are sedated and sent into rapid withdrawal. When you come out of anesthesia, it is said that you suffer a milder form of withdrawal than you would otherwise.

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Inpatient Detox Centers

Types of Drug Detox

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Inpatient detox centers are residential centers. You detox while you stay at the facility. They take care of your food and shelter while you detox from the substance that you are on. This is one of the most common types of detox. Usually inpatient detox does not only offer detox services but counseling and therapy as well. This is considered one of the more effective forms of detox due to the intensity of the treatment and the follow-up care.

Outpatient Detox Centers

Outpatient detox centers generally offer all of the services that an inpatient detox center dose but you do not stay at the facility. Many people who need to maintain work or school choose an outpatient detox. The problem with outpatient detox is that you remain in your normal environment, this means the environment that caused or allowed you to start using drugs in the first place.

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Hospital Detox Centers

Some hospitals have detox centers inside them. They offer a full range of detox services but might not offer counseling and other addiction related services. If you are detoxing at a hospital it is important to find out if they have or recommend an addiction recovery service as well.

Medical or Prescription Detox Centers

Medical or prescription detox centers specialize in medical detox options such as replacement drugs and medical detox. Most of these centers are directed by physicians and use medications to help you through both your addiction and the withdrawal associated with it. Many of these detox centers also help you taper off the medications they use to help you withdrawal.

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Detox Detention Centers

Detox detention centers are often court ordered centers. They are locked wards that allow you to detox off the drugs without the temptation of being able to leave. These are more like locked psychiatric wards than addiction treatment facilities.

Compulsive Disorder Detox

Although it seems strange to have to detox from a behavior, some behaviors form the same pathways as certain drugs do. This means that a compulsive behavior produces almost the same withdrawal effects that certain drugs do.

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