Medical Detox Centers: What are They and Do They Really Work?

There are thousands of detox options available. All of these options are extremely confusing. One type of treatment that has enjoyed considerable success is medical detox. Medication is an important part of an overall treatment program. Medical detox centers focus on the medical aspects of treatment for substance abuse.

What is a Medical Detox Center?

A medical detox center is a type of treatment center that specializes in medical detox. Medical detox is a substance abuse treatment program that focuses on:

Medical Detox Centers

Medical detox centers provide 24 hour care and monitoring.

  • medication assisted detox
  • medication replacement therapy
  • using medication to aid in detox
  • counseling
  • medication management

Although medical detox primarily focuses on medical solutions for substance abuse problems, they also provide a well rounded treatment program that includes counseling and other behavioral therapies. They can prescribe drugs like Suboxone, and methadone for addiction withdrawal. They also can facilitate a tapering schedule to help you stop using drugs without experiencing the symptoms of withdrawal.

The general philosophy in a medical detox center is to use medication to help people get over the worst portions of withdrawal and then follow up with medication management and behavioral treatment.

Most medical detox centers are inpatient facilities but there are some that are outpatient or combined inpatient / outpatient facilities. These facilities are licensed in programs like addiction management, pain management, and the treatment of various disorders.

Who Needs a Medical Detox?

Although anyone can use medical detox centers, they work particularly well for people who:

  • need medication to manage a chronic condition but are addicted to their current medication
  • have tried other treatment programs and have failed
  • are heavy users that need treatment for the withdrawal symptoms to avoid relapse
  • have other medical or mental issues that need medical attention or medication
  • require monitoring for physical issues
  • have the type of substance abuse problem that requires medical attention to avoid relapse or injury
  • need the monitoring that medical detox provides
  • experience withdrawal from a substance that has severe medical consequences, such as alcohol or benzodiazepines

There are many other situations where medical detox is appropriate. A medical detox center gives you all of the advantages of a hospital and a rehab center all in one.

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Does Medical Detox Work?

Medical detox works by using medications to help someone over the worst of the withdrawal symptoms. When you enter the medical detox facility, they evaluate your physical health, your mental health, and your addiction.

Once this is done, they decide what kind of medication and medical treatment you need, if any. Then prescribe the medication and a treatment regimen. This may include medications like methadone or Suboxone.

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