Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers in Tulsa, OK

Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol on your own can be difficult, painful, and life-threatening without professional detox treatment. Detox centers in Tulsa use treatments that can help you safely overcome chemical dependency with a lowered risk for health complications and relapse.

Tulsa drug detox centers aim to make your recovery from addiction as comfortable as possible using medications, exercise, and other therapies effective at relieving withdrawal symptoms. If you need help overcoming substance abuse, call our helpline at 918-608-9095(Who Answers?) to find nearby drug and alcohol detox centers in Tulsa, OK.


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Don't allow addiction to take away another minute of your life. Oklahoma detox centers can help you get well by providing you with a safe, clean, focused treatment environment that you can begin to heal in. If you're ready to get sober, call 918-608-9095(Who Answers?) today for help.

Choosing Tulsa Detox Centers that are Right for You or a Loved One

Choose among drug and alcohol detox centers in Tulsa, OK that customize therapies just for you based on your unique personal battle with addiction. Also, look for detox centers that treat addiction both physically and psychologically so you can tackle the root cause of drug abuse and lower your risk for a drug overdose.

Other factors to consider when choosing Tulsa alcohol detox:

  • Location
  • Cost
  • Therapy type (holistic vs medication-assisted treatment)
  • Recreational therapies
  • Group therapies
  • Gender of other patients
  • Staff-to-patient ratio
  • Amenities and accommodations
  • Service setting (inpatient vs. outpatient)

Inpatient and residential settings are ideal for those who need safe, stable environments, and who need help establishing new daily routines away from drugs and alcohol. Outpatient settings allow patients to receive day treatment while living at home, and may involve the use of medications that relieve cravings and other withdrawal symptoms.

How Will I Pay for Drug and Alcohol Detox in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Detox centers in Tulsa offer an array of payment options to accommodate anyone who needs help recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Ask Tulsa drug detox centers about the following payment options:

  • No payment accepted. Some patients may qualify for free detox treatment on behalf of state, federal, or private financing.
  • Cash or self-pay. Luxury and private detox centers may accept cash for detox treatment.
  • Medicaid and Medicare. These health plans offer free or low-cost detox treatment.
  • State-financed health insurance. State-funded plans offer free or low-cost detox treatment.
  • Private health insurance. All health plans purchased at Healthcare.gov cover a portion or all costs associated with detox. Choose facilities within your HMO healthcare network, or choose any facility under PPO coverage.
  • Military insurance. Military personnel and veterans can benefit from free or low-cost detox at facilities payable under Tricare.
  • Tribal funds. Native Americans and their descendants can use tribal funds to pay for Tulsa alcohol detox.

The following payment assistance options may be available at some detox centers.

  • Sliding scale fees. These payment systems adjust detox costs based on your income to make treatment more affordable.
  • Other payment assistance. Contact detox centers directly to ask about grants, discounts, and other forms of payment assistance for which you may qualify.

Choosing the Best Detox Centers in Tulsa

If you need help overcoming drug and alcohol abuse, understand you’re not alone, and that help is nearby. Explore local detox centers using the state and city directory at Detox.com, or call our confidential helpline at 918-608-9095(Who Answers?) to get help today.

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