Choosing an Alcohol Detox Program

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So many different factors must be considered before you make that final decision to seek the help of a lifetime. Choosing an alcohol detox program that can provide you with the best care, detoxification and medical assistance can make the difference between whether you actually make it through alcohol detox safely and whether you wind up relapsing and exiting the program. Fortunately, there are some ground floor factors that can be considered to ensure that you have made the right decision regarding the best possible alcohol detoxification treatment for your individual needs.

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Pricing, Fees and Inclusions

The first factor to consider when choosing an alcohol detox center is what the detox center will cost, what services will be included in the cost and what the total cost of the alcohol detoxification program will be. Many alcohol detox centers will include medications, medical care, room and board as well as various other services. Some of the fees that you can expect to come up during alcohol detox include fees for medication, fees for individual counseling, and fees for certain other specialty services. When choosing an alcohol detox center, make sure that you choose a facility that is within your budget and is affordable yet includes the services that you need medically or physically.

Location of the Alcohol Detox Center

Alcohol Detox Program

Do your research to ensure you choose the best detox center for your recovery.

Alcohol detox centers can be found in every state of the country but this doesn’t mean that they are all necessarily in a convenient location for your needs. You may choose an alcohol detox center that is in your hometown to make the entire detoxification process more convenient to your needs or you may find it more beneficial to choose an alcohol detox center that is located some distance away from your home. Some of the reasons that individuals choose alcohol detox centers away from home include:

  • high profile locations such as being on the beach, in the mountains or in another exciting part of the country
  • lower cost of attending an alcohol detox center away from home
  • better services sometimes offered at alcohol detox centers away from home
  • staying away from old friends or potential triggers close to home that could cause relapse

Choosing an Alcohol Detox Program Based on Services

There are two primary types of alcohol detox—inpatient alcohol detox centers and outpatient alcohol detox centers. Each of these centers provides patients with a safe place where they can get medical and physical help for their addition to alcohol under the supervision of a qualified medical team and various detoxification staff members. Many people choose the type of alcohol detox based on the level of care that is provided in the facility. For instance, inpatient alcohol detox centers provide patients with constant care and supervision in an enclosed facility that houses the patient for the treatment. If you suffer from severe alcoholism, inpatient alcohol detox is typically the most suitable care.

When choosing an alcohol detox center, it’s important to make sure that you make any final decision based on all of the factors and not just on one or another. For instance, although outpatient alcohol detox will likely be much lower cost than an inpatient detox center, it’s important to choose the best level of monitoring for your needs and not just to choose based on price. In the end, making the right decision will ensure that you have the best chance of recovering from alcoholism or alcohol addiction.

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