Why You Need to Detox from Alcohol Now?

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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, alcohol is one of the most abused drugs in the United States. It causes damage to millions of people every year. There are many reasons to detox from alcohol. Most of these reasons are physical ones although there are some that are psychological and social.

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Your Health

Your health is one of the first things affected by alcohol. Alcohol damages almost every system in the body. Most people do not realize how much damage that it does or how quickly. Alcohol starts to damage vital systems almost immediately.

Alcohol is Sometimes Deadly

Detox from Alcohol

Alcoholism can lead to severe lifestyle consequences.

Alcohol can kill in a lot of ways. One of the ways that it kills is when you attempt to detox from it. It can cause seizures, heart failure, and convulsions, all of which can be deadly. Most people do not realize that even alcohol withdrawal is deadly. If you do not detox properly it can cause you serious harm.

Your skin

The constant dehydration caused by alcohol does a number on your skin. For good skin tone and appearance, your skin needs your body to remain hydrated. Alcohol use over a long time causes blood vessels in your face to burst causing red spidery lines as well as a red complexion.


Drinking leads to depression. Alcohol is a depressant. If you are not depressed before you started drinking, you probably will be when you stop. Remorse, regret, anxiety, and depression are all feelings that people feel when on alcohol, coming off alcohol, and when in alcohol withdrawal.

Some people drink because they are depressed. In this case, the alcohol does not help at all. It makes the depression and the anxiety worse than it would be if you did not drink. Most people who drink to cure depression just wind up in a worse situation and state than if they decided to remain sober.

Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving is one of the best reasons to detox from alcohol right now. If you drink and drive not only do you risk legal ramifications, you risk killing yourself or someone else. If you routinely drink and drive, that will become a habit and you may wind up in jail or worse.

Your Liver

Fortunately, your liver can repair itself if you have not done too much damage to it. Unfortunately, the liver takes the brunt of your drinking. It has to filter out the alcohol when you drink; this causes the liver to strain. When the liver is under strain, no other toxins get filtered out of the body.

Doing Things You Regret

If you do not detox from alcohol now you will inevitably do something that you regret. It is a consequence of drinking too much alcohol too regularly.

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