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Drug Detox Centers

People who suffer from addiction to drugs such as prescription pain medications, heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine are at risk of potentially deadly complications resulting from their addiction and should seek immediate help. Although difficult, drug detox is the vital first step of the drug addiction treatment process and must be completed in order to successfully overcome an addiction—especially any addiction that is marked by extreme physical dependence on the drug or substance of choice. Drug detox centers provide individuals who wish to recover from drug addiction with a safe, medically supervised environment where they can get help and support during the detoxification process.

There are many different options available when it comes to drug detox. Some drug detox centers provide natural treatments while others offer holistic care and even medications to reduce or completely eliminate the adverse withdrawal symptoms that are felt during drug detox. Depending on your individual needs, your health and they type of drug that you are addicted to there may be multiple drug detox centers that can provide specialized treatment and care that will assist you in overcoming addiction.

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Choosing Drug Detox Centers

Drug Detox Centers

Drug detox centers provide medication, counseling, and other treatments to assist with the withdrawal process.

The first step to getting the help that you need is to choose a drug detox center that can help you. This process may take some time because you’ll be faced with the challenges of finding a local center that accepts your insurance (if you have insurance to help offset the costs of drug detox) and that provides the type of medical care that you need based on individual health considerations. Some of the factors that you will need to consider when choosing a drug detox center include:

  • the type of drug detoxification program that is offered at the facility
  • the level of care that is provided at the facility (inpatient or outpatient)
  • the cost of the treatment and whether insurance is accepted
  • the location of the drug detox center, especially if you will be attending an outpatient drug detox program as you will want to choose a drug detox center that is conveniently located in this case
  • the certifications or professional level of the detox center staff

Drug Detox Clinics

Clinics are often outpatient in scope providing only daily treatment and support during normal business hours. Most drug detox clinics provide check-ups and medical monitoring during daytime or early evening hours and may offer the patient medications that will assist with controlling cravings to reduce the risk of relapse during the drug detoxification process. These facilities are most notably understood as methadone clinics.

Methadone clinics are one type of drug detox clinic that assists those who are addicted to opiates in overcoming the physical dependence on their drug of choice. Although the patient is not technically detoxing if they are taking methadone because there is an increased risk of them becoming further addicted to this new drug, for some, methadone maintenance programs such as those offered at these drug detox clinics have provided an effective means at stopping the use of heroin or certain prescription pain medications without causing further addiction.

Drug Detox Rehab

Following drug detox, rehab is the next method of treatment which is provided to ensure the long term success of an individual’s recovery efforts. Drug rehab provides treatment for the psychological dependence that results from drug abuse. After drug detox, rehab can be an effective method of offering patients the next step toward their full recovery from addiction. Drug detox rehab centers provide patients with a safe, medically monitored, controlled environment where counseling and therapy are provided to assist with past and present emotional disorders, depression, anxiety and many other facets of addiction.

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