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10 Reasons Rapid Detox is Not a Complete Treatment for Drug Addiction


According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the majority of the rapid detox programs prove no easier than traditional detox programs. Even if the studies did show that it was effective for drug addiction treatment, rapid detox alone leaves drug treatment incomplete for several reasons.

1. Rapid Detox Does Not Address the Addiction

Rapid detox only helps you physically get off the drugs and does not address anything aside from the physical portion of drug addiction. This leaves the emotional and mental issues that lead to the addiction and the after effects untreated.

2. You do not Receive the Counseling that you Need

Rapid Detox

Rapid detox only addresses the physical aspect of addiction.

Counseling is a huge portion of drug addiction treatment. Counseling helps you:

  • discover the cause of the addiction
  • treat the cause of addiction
  • find a way to deal with triggers
  • treat the mental aftereffects of the addiction

All of these need consideration before you can recover from drug addiction.

3. You will not be able to Find the Cause of the Addiction

Finding the cause of the addiction is extremely important. If you do not find the cause, the chances of the addiction happening again or in a different way are extremely high. You will just be repeating the same pattern you had previously.

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4. They Just Treat the Withdrawal Not the Addiction

By just treating the withdrawal, you leave the majority of the addiction untreated. Addiction involves many physical and psychological aspects. By just treating a portion of the addiction you set yourself up for failure.

5. You Cannot Engage in Any Support Therapies

Support therapies are there to help. There are many types of supportive therapies that can help you overcome your addiction completely. A simple rapid detox does not include any of these supportive therapies.

6. Rapid Detox Happens Too Fast for you to Deal with Outside Issues

Drug use is often triggered by outside issues such as family, stress, and availability. Rapid detox does not help with any of these issues leaving you to deal with them on your own.

7. You will not Learn How to Deal with your Triggers

Learning to deal with triggers is an important part of preventing relapse. If you do not learn how to confront them, you inevitably wind up back where you started. Rapid detox does not address your triggers much less help you deal with them.

8. You Learn how to Develop a Support Network

You won’t have the chance to build a support network or engage in therapy to learn to develop one. A good support system is vital to avoiding relapse.

9. Your Body Does Not have a Proper Chance to Recover

Even though you are technically physically off the drugs, rapid detox does not give your body a chance to heal. Part of getting past addiction is making your body healthy and whole again.

10. It is not Personalized Treatment

There are standard approaches to rapid detox. It essentially treats all patients the same. You do not receive the personalized treatment that you do with other forms of treatment. Although rapid detox might help you get off a drug physically, it does not help you stay off the drugs.

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