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Drug Addiction Detox

The process of eliminating the toxins from the body and reducing physical dependence on drugs is known as drug addiction detox. For some people, this process happens rather quickly and smoothly while for others it can be a long and difficult journey plagued with periods of deep depression, pain and mere anguish. Drug addiction detox is a necessary part of any addiction treatment program but is especially significant for those whose drug addictions carry a very severe physical addiction such as heroin addiction, opiate addiction or addiction to certain prescription medications.

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Types of Drug Addiction Detox

There are a number of different types of drug addiction detox that meet the different needs of those suffering from all sorts of drug addictions. Depending on the type of drug addiction that an individual is suffering from, they may require a particular type of detox such as medication based drug detox, natural detox, holistic detox or rapid detox. While rapid detox is primarily reserved for those who are addicted to opiates and is also a rather controversial method of treatment, it can be helpful for those who just cannot bear the thought of coping with the terrible aftermath of opiate detox which may include extreme pain, flu-like symptoms and a range of other discomforts.

Choosing a Drug Addiction Detox Center

Drug Addiction Detox

Detox programs help to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol, detox is going to be the very first and most important step of the treatment process. During drug detox, the addict will effectively stop using drugs and maintain sobriety during the most difficult phase of treatment during which a range of withdrawal symptoms may come into play. Drug addiction detox prepares the individual for the next phase of treatment which consists of counseling and aftercare to treat the psychological dependence that an individual has on a drug.

The chosen type of drug detox will depend on the type of addiction that the individual suffers from, the extend or severity of their addiction and various other factors. Choosing a drug addiction detox center that will provide inpatient care, outpatient care or medications will also be considered. For most people who are detoxing from less severely physical addictions such as marijuana addiction, cocaine addiction or addictions to certain types of prescription medications, outpatient detox with limited or no medications will typically be sufficient. For those who are addicted to opiates such as heroin or Oxycontin, the need for an inpatient or rapid detox program will likely be the case.

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